Monday, August 30, 2010

Who Will Rid Us Of That Turbulent Beck?

Here in California's 30th Congressional district, strung across the low range of mountains that curve through the center of Los Angeles, I guess you could say we are one of the most left-wing districts in the country. We include West Hollywood, a city as solidly gay as the Castro district of San Francisco; Beverly Hills and Bel Air, home of the richest and most radical loony members of the Hollywood film community; Malibu, a beachside community inhabited by rich and poor permanently stoned hippies; Woodland Hills, where the film industry worker bees make their hives; and a chunk of Ventura county thrown in to absorb a few Republican votes in a huge Democratic majority.

Our Congressperson? Henry Waxman. You've heard of Hank, he investigates stuff. If we launch a much-needed investigation of those Islamophobes who are thwarting The Mosque Of Osama's Victory at Ground Zero like Speaker Nancy wants, ole Hank will probably be sitting front and center pounding his gavel like the Reform Jewish Roland Freisler that he is. Maybe he'll hold off till after the election. Part of Hank's Westside constituency is the Westside Jewish community. These devoutly liberal Jews are in some distress these days at the prospect of a Second Holocaust brought on by the wrong-headed and unfair treatment of Israel and the pass given to Iran by that duo of closet Jew-haters Barak Obama and his totally clueless Secretary Of State, The Divine Miss Hilly. Not big mosque supporters. Now these stalwart Democrats are as likely to vote Republican as the equally rock-ribbed Demos down in Maxine Waters' 35th are to throw Maxine under the bus and mount a write-in vote for Hugh Hewitt but they will vote for the Dems with a troubled heart. Or stay home.

But left wing or not the proud citizens of the 30th will listen respectfully to a sincere profession of one's Christain faith and, while they might disagree with it they will give the speaker due respect for his beliefs. NAH! Just kidding. We sneer at those losers. I mean gimme a break with your Ten Commandments! What about the Spanish Inquisition? And Global Warming? And pedophile priests?

Sometimes I sneak into my studio/garage, throw a blanket over my head and (dont tell anybody) watchglennbeck. I know its uncool, really uncool and I dont do it all the time because to be honest with you Glenn's schtick gets on my nerves, not a tenth as much as O'Reilly, but still I cant deal with it all the time. But he hits the nail on the head quite often.

Like he did Saturday. The first thing you have to say about that event was Beck's genius in telling people NOT to bring signs. As a TV person should Beck considered the effect of half a million people each making a visual statement. The cameras would gravitate to the few that reinforce their contention that all these Beck viewers are a bunch of extremist troglodytes. Instead they were forced to show a quiet, well-behaved group with a multitude of American Flags. No overtly political statement was made but that was another aspect of this that was such genius. In the commentary about the march from the media and the left the insults flew fast and furious from the usual clowns but they didnt match the behavior of that crowd. This wasnt an angry pack of racists, nativists and homophobes gathered to scream insults at the top of their lungs at their favorite minorities. It was a huge group of people praying in the Mall at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial under a huge banner that read 'Restoring Honor'.

The Extremely Reverend Al Sharpton wasnt quite as dignified and his big angry mouth, flapping at a mile a minute pointed to the need for a little 'Restoring Honor' in the Civil Rights Industry. Imagine a vile poltroon like Sharpton, a greedy chiseler who has led angry mobs to murder and then profited by it, talking about MLK's legacy as though he was a part of it? That 'Restoring Honor' banner was the most overtly political statement anyone has made in a long time. Al Sharpton is far from the only leftist whose honor could do with a bit of restoration. Its time that the left stopped throwing mud and stood up honestly for their ideas. But in the honor-deficient New York Times another liberal icon, Frank Rich, correctly put his stubby little finger on the source of the turnout--a Libertarian Conspiracy. It seems that those dull-witted Christians were manipulated into following Beck like sheep by a couple of billionaire 'Koch brothers' without even knowing it.

Even Sarah Palin was a disappointment to the media. They had their sneering Momma Grizzly asides already written but Sarah stayed true to the supposedly apolitical nature of this march and talked about how proud she was of her combat-veteran son. How embarrassing was that? The media only reports on Bristol anyway, those other kids are boring. The most insulting thing they do to Palin is the headline coverage they give to that brainless and honorless lump of a Levi Johnson while they spiked the honor-deficit Al Gore's 'sex poodle' story entirely.

But in a way the media were right. This was a profoundly political march. 'Restoring Honor' is fightin' words to liberals who have lied and fudged their way into positions of power by pretending to be much less liberal than they are and launching smear attacks against their opponents. Liberals who add illegal felon votes and prevent military votes from being counted to elect the most nauseating human being ever to hold a Senate seat, Al Franken. are devoid of honor. How many climate scientists have been shut out of publication and employment by these 'honorless' Global Warmers? In California the lives of 100,000 farmers and farm workers were ruined by a judge ruling in favor of a couple of dozen fish and two loathsome elitist US Senators, Boxer and Fonebone working with the environmental extremists. In Louisiana another hundred thousand have had their lives ruined by Obama's drilling ban imposed after Obama and his environmentalist advisers completely screwed up the response to the BP oil spill.

Socialism or leftism is built on a lie. Lenin, their unspoken God, requires leftists to lie in the same way Mohammed demands jihad from Muslims. Its a central tenet of leftism to modify history. Orwell's genius book '1984' was mistakenly labeled fiction but was in fact a factual description of Doublethink, the ability to forget anything that doesnt reinforce the current party line. On August 22, 1939 every leftist in the world was screaming their hatred of Hitler. On August 23 Hitler and Stalin became allies and every leftist was screaming for Peace, right up until June 22, 1941. On June 23, the day after Hitler betrayed his loyal ally, the left was screaming for total war against Hitler as though they always had. History was later altered to remove any trace of the turnaround.

We spent eight years watching the Clinton's and their Democrat enablers lying brazenly and at top speed as the Clints took bribes from the Chicoms to enable the Chinese military to buy advanced missile technology that is now aimed at us. We watched BJ veto a balanced budget three times until some of the cuts were restored. Then he spent the next decade bragging loudly about how he balanced the budget. We watched a War Room that launched lying smear campaigns against BJ's many enemies. We watched the chief law enforcement officer of our nation raise his hand in a deposition and swear to tell the truth and then look the judge in the eye and lie. Character (honor) didnt matter, the economy was great!

Today we see those lies and those liars once again in charge of our nation. They have won a majority in the legislature that hasnt been seen since the days of Lyndon Johnson by lying about what they intended to do. Without any real opposition and presuming that they were elected to be who they were the libs ripped off their moderate mask and loudly and proudly came out of the socialist closet. Their economic philosophy, firmly applied, has caused a Depression. Their misguided ideas have turned the United States from a world superpower into a world joke. Their leader, the Avatar Of Hope And Change, has proven to be a shifty, dishonest, petulant, empty-suited phony who has dragged the honor of our nation into the mud again and again. These shameless liars refuse to admit that anything that has happened is a result of their own actions. They lie and now everybody knows that they are lying. Honor is an issue.

When the libs see a banner that reads 'Restoring Honor' they know what it means. So do we. That's political.

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