Friday, May 15, 2009

If This Is Friday It Must Be Belgium!

What country are we in today? Land Of The Brave, Home Of The Free? No WAY! This is a country overrun with retarded voters so stupid, so corrupt, so blind to their own interests that they have installed a political party with an agenda based 100% on lies. Global Warming; lie, temperatures are going down and even a report on the subject handed to our Beloved President by the EPA admits that the scientific case hasnt been made and that Climate Change was mainly political. The Stimulus Bill has had absolutely no effect on the economy because it wasnt a stimulus bill at all, another lie. They've doubled the Federal Budget overnight and lied about it. They are in the process of gutting the military and through weak and misguided actions like our pitiful non-response in Somalia putting the lawless and greedy on notice that America has lost the will to defend itself or its allies while they proclaim themselves heroes for shooting three pirates. Everything this crowd does is a lie. They were the ones who were going to eliminate earmarks...enough said.

In this country that has so lost its way, there is a city sitting on the tip of a peninsula jutting into the Pacific Ocean, forming a huge bay. The City is built on rolling hills and is blessed with ocean breezes and glorious views and is comprised of charming bay-windowed row houses and a gleaming steel-towered business district. This place of beauty is inhabited by rats. Every species of anti-individual, collectivist, utopian, militant, zany control freak thrives in this polluted intellectual broth. The world would be better fill in the blank....if everyone stopped driving cars, if animals had rights and could vote, if everyone was gay, if the United States would disarm and grovel fulsomely to every benighted savage who has been armed by the local radicals with some obscure historical grievance, if we were all Wiccans, if we all wore plastic trash bags instead of clothes, if we all stopped wearing clothes at all, if we got rid of plastic trash bags, if we recycled to the point of madness, if we listened to Mother Earth, if this, if that; all of it with one thread- the world would be a perfect place if you other people would just do as I say. These geniuses have contempt for the rights of others. Your rights are the problem in utopian schemes. Everything has already been figured out in advance so no questions are even necessary. Just DO IT!

And when a community composed of such strangely obsessed pseudo-Marxist degenerates gets together to elect a representative to the House Of Representatives of the United States they so deeply despise, whose Pledge Of Allegence has long been chased from their schools, what do they come up with? What kind of a political monstrosity can a sick village like this inflict on a declining nation? When you have a political coalition that includes bikini-clad transvestites wearing nun's habits, Dolphins Rights advocates, members of zombie religious cults, members of Green Marxist groups, members of Red Marxist groups, people who want to kill anybody who doesnt want to Save The Planet, dissolute left-wing heirs to Robber Barons, coke freaks, Wiccans, Satanists, people who have anonymous sex in gay bathhouses, parks and on the internet, utopians, legal dopeans, GreenPeace, EarthNow!, bikers, computer programmers, website designers, Chinese human traffickers, Trekkies and a few moderate Democrats, what kind of a candidate do you come up with?

Its like a municipal intelligence test. Do you believe that the government can control the weather? That super-progressive high taxes are 'fair'? That the government can run the medical system better than the private sector? That the Islamonazis are not a threat to a people who recognize their just grievances? That the main threat to freedom in this country is Born-Again Christians? That dope should be legal? That plastic grocery bags are evil? That the government had nothing to do with the sub-prime bubble? That all business is evil? That people who make a profit are thieves, stealing from the poor? That every gun should be confiscated immediately? That the justice system has unfairly imprisoned many innocent people on the basis of race? That BUSHLIED! That America's Chickens Have Come Home To Roost? If you are this deluded, this stupid, this misguided, if you are wandering aimlessly in the fever-swamps of the Left then inevitably your little pointer will wander down the ballot, a ballot fully stocked with snake-charmers, Castroites and assorted oddballs and alight on the People's Choice for San Francisco...NANCY PELOSI!

Yes, this waif-thin sexagenarian, whose lift-job is so tight you could bounce a quarter off her tympany-tight mug, whose eyes bug out like a egg-laying hen in a factory farm thats been overdosed with chicken-meth. A scrawny wattle, always impervious to surgical intervention, runs from her fragile, pointed jaw, down her neck into her expensively suited starved carcass, belies her spurious claim to youth. She has been described by colleagues as 'crazy as a loon and meaner than a junkyard dog'. A control freak. What do you expect from a city composed of lunatic control freaks? She's also totally oblivious to how she comes across to the patches of the nation that still retain a semblance of sanity. What moment is more embarrassing than Nan in the designer Chairman Mao get-up popping up and down behind Barry The Wonderful during the State Of The Utopia message? She had an on-screen orgasm when he said that the days of private jets were over. You could see the muscles spasming under her perma-rigid face-mask and she gasped for breath through her tightly-stretched, bulging-lipped carp-mouth as the hands clapped so fast they were an invisible blur of sexual fever. This a few days after San Fran Nan was reported throwing a savage meltdown temper tantrum because the government jet she was assigned wasnt big enough. The little hands were flapping together like hummingbird wings behind Barry. It was so cracked that it actually defined him as the Saint Of The Crackpots. There was our National Crackpot behind him bobbing up and down like an amphetamine lap-dancer speed-clapping her skeletal talons together and swooning with extasy at The Telepromptered Word!

But something's wrong. Someone is out to get the cracked old broad. Who would be so sexist as to have it in for America's Most Powerful Woman? Here she is caught on the wrong side of the torture issue. Torture, from San Francisco. This is so shocking that many of Pelosi's supporters went into a rage and paddled their life-partners extra hard the evening the story broke. The cuffs were tight in Nob Hill boudoirs that night, I can tell you. More than harmless caterpillars were applied to the trembling torsos of acolytes at several cult-houses to try to assuage the outrage. Whips cracked, blood flowed through broken leather. The screams of the Enlightened echoed through the fog. But the damage is done. No matter how she tries to spin it the truth is out. Bush Lied...and so did OUR NANCY! At least Dick Cheney didnt try to deny that our Militant allies were given more than a stern talking to (the policy of the current administration). But of course we all hate Dick cheney..but San Fran Nan? Our Marxist National GrandMa? Can it be true?

They told her about waterboarding and caterpillars and she kept her mouth shut except when she opened it to lie about whether they told her or not. Given the current state of the media groveling at the feet of the government its interesting that this story is out at all. Why is Nan the goat? Why is her position suddenly so precarious? Has Barry turned on her? Is Rahm stabbing her in the back? A power-play by Hoyer? Who cares? The great thing is to watch the eyes bug-out with fear and the wattles tremble as she ineptly fields the questions of the tame Obamunist press. The Nixonian beads of sweat slowly carve Martian canals in the caked-on foundation as she is cruelly caught in lie after lie. The tightly-clasped horny-skinned talons clutching ever-tighter as she quivers with rabbit-like fear under the eye of Big Media.

The problem is that this benighted country has elected people like this and given them total power. The electoral system has just turned into a way for government cronies to aggrandize themselves at the expense of the common good. That goes for the Republiclowns too. Dummy Hastert should replace that slightly smaller pachyderm as the symbol of that claque of idea-less Chamber-of-Commerce silk-suited con-men. Changing parties wont cause one dollar of cuts in this avalanche of spending. The system is broken. The checks and balances that were so lovingly designed by a group of Founding Fathers, who had servants who were more aware and better educated than the average modern politician, have broken down in the hands of a political class that lacks the rudiments of common sense. And who is chosen as the most powerful leader among the leaders of this corrupt political class? Who can lead a group of thieves so dishonest, so merciless in their greed, such strangers to truth and probity? Nancy, Murtha, Hoyer, Waxman...these are the maggots who feast on the rotting corpse of our constitution. And the country keeps electing these geniuses. Its worked for the last seventy years. The Rep goes to Washington DC and 'brings home the bacon'. Its over. These idiots are leading us to bankruptcy and much sooner than you think. We elected them. Its our fault.

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