Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Chicks And Balances!

Some of us hard-boiled misogynistic right wing dinosaurs might be a little behind the curve on this New Woman thing. We always make such a big deal about the ‘original intent’ without being able to perceive the penumbras of the emanations. George Washington predicted in one of his best graphic novels “Georgie Goes To Girly World’ that one day, in less enlightened times, the defense of the concept of lap-dancing as Free Speech would fall on the courts.
“One day the government will be handing hurricane victims vouchers that will allow them to exercise this important freedom to the fullest,” he opined, hopefully dreaming of an expansion of government services unforeseen by the less visionary Madison, Adams and Jefferson. Washington continued, “To protect our unique lifestyle choices we need justices on the Supreme Court who aren’t afraid to expand the Constitution beyond its written limits in the name of compassion and fairness.”
The next greatest President to Washington or even better than that, possibly, has heard George’s plea across the centuries. Wiser than his years and limited legislative experience would suggest, Our Maximum Leader, The Friend Of The Auto Workers has searched far and wide for the perfect person for the Supreme Court vacancy left by the departure of one of the most slimy, inarticulate weasels ever to curse the jurisprudence of a declining nation. He was the Booby Prize we received for caving in to the left on Bork, the kind of Republican the left likes…to wit, a commie in a monkey suit. A guy who thinks it’s a great idea to let corrupt city councils use eminent domain to seize private residences and sell them to crooked developers who promise to fork over higher taxes and bribes. That’s why they would cite the Yemenese Constitution for authority on stuff like that.
But the Master Of The Teleprompter, in his wisdom, has reached out into the Pool Of The Compassionate and extracted one Sonia Chinga-mejor…did I get that right? These Mexican names always throw me off. Anyway Barry checked out Sapphomoisture’s papers and hired her. He picked her because…she’s a Chick, and doesn’t the penumbra emanating from the Constitution demand Chicks and Balances? Now Ruth Vader G will not only have someone else on the court with the memory of what it is to be a thirteen-year-old girl but she have a pal in Sagmaster who still retains the average thirteen-year-old girl’s knowledge of Constitutional Law. But, as Barry so sagely pointed out when he announced Sonia’s canonization, it was all about feelings. He didn’t mention the constitution. Isn’t a Hispanic woman more likely to rule us pitiful slobs with empathy and compassion? When a bunch of white bucks were getting ‘uppity’ in Connecticut, passing their promotion exams just to make minorities feel bad, Sonia Sockmonster wrote a one-paragraph opinion that sent those Fitzies back to the potato patch! Our Elected Demi-God swooned as Soggymugger announced that the Constitution didn’t contain any rights for white firemen that a Compassionate Woman Of Color was bound to respect. You know, the Pro-Active Constitution that The Annointed One claims was written to mandate redistribution of wealth…

Hey! But we’ve got other branches of government too, just as important as the courts, and once again the babes are making their mark! Think of it, the first female Speakerette Of The House! Nan’s a wowser! What does a gal do when the Chief Exec’s power-mad Chief Of Staff sics the White House’s media pack on her? She goes to China to talk about…North Korean missiles and nukes? Nope. The growing US indebtedness and the Chinese calls for a non-dollar world reserve currency? Not exactly. Our Chief Lawmakeress got out of Dodge with the posse at her heels and fled to Beijing to talk about Global Warming! SHE’S SAVING THE PLANET! How did we ever get along without the woman’s touch behind the gavel? I’ll bet them Chicom dictators are mighty impressed, too.

Now some of you, the ones who went to school in the fifties or earlier when they still taught these things, or those of you who might have flunked your immigration exam, are getting ready to e-mail me and remind me that we have three whole branches in this here government! Now of course the Executive Branch is headed by The Majority Winner, The Man Who Crushed The Evil Bankers, The Fixer Of The Weather, El Presidente. But even a savant who eats sleeps walks talks lives Compassion for us poor ignorant insects, who looks after our welfare like a Father, who shines upon us like a Mighty Sun of Compassion, needs help to accomplish his massive Good Works with such consummate skill. And who is more of a help and support to The One than Hillary? With the inspiring moral example of a president who is engaged in muzzling and threatening prosecution to our intelligence services, dismantling our missile defenses and gutting our military with budget cuts the redoubtable Hillary is shaming those evil dictators into ending their nuke and missile programs by holding up our noble moral example. She’s got Putin, Kim Jong Il, and Ahmedinejahd eating out of the palm of her hand. The Magic Of Diplomacy! Or should I say The Woman’s Touch? It wont be long at this pace before that thug Hugo Chavez is on his knees, with tears of repentance in his eyes, paying homage to our example of international good citizenship.

It turns out that the rejection of the Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution was unconstitutional and now the court is moving one more step closer to recognizing that salient fact, or should I say injustice? Hey, where would we be without these geniuses? So Compassionate!

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