Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Man You Can Bank On!

The Obamessiah is doing his victory lap around the world and the media lapdogs are fawning and crawling on their well-stuffed bellies in the throes of political ecstasy! What a genius Our Barry turns out to be! Robert Mugabe, another overrated egotistical politician of African heritage, gets tougher press in Zimbabwe than Obama gets in this country.
Ah yes! An example of a member of our esteemed unbiased press corps trying to braid his nose-hairs with the ones in Obama's butt is David Broder, who in today's Washington Compost writes a paean of hagiographic love to his beloved candidate's miraculous walk across the political waters overseas.
A year ago Obama voted with seven other left-wing critters to cut all funding from Afghanistan and withdraw all the troops, in keeping with his Nutroots terrorist sympathies. On this triumphant trip he says that he has always been for a ten thousand troop increase in our forces there. Magnificent!
If Obama had had his way Saddam or Uday Hussien would still be in power in Iraq. The mass graves would still be filling with corpses, the torture chambers (the REAL ones) at Abu Ghraib would still be going full tilt and the luxury hotels would be filled with leftist congressmen and crackpot Hollywood types running to kiss the hem of Hussien's garment. So what better for Obama's foreign policy credentials than to go to Iraq and claim credit for the victory he opposed with every breath for the last year? What statesmanship!
After opposing the Senate resolution labeling the Iranian Revolutionary Guards a terrorist organization (the same group who are supplying our enemies in Iraq weapons to kill our troops) Obama makes the statement that 'my banking committee' passed a sanctions bill against Iran. "Judge me by my actions!" declared Obama in a statement that caused the hearts of his media lapdogs to flutter. Only one problem with that...The Man Of Hope, The Paragon Of The New Politics, The Change Agent isn't on the banking committee. Of course trivia like that doesnt bother hacks like Broder who in the presence of The Obamessiah regularly foam at the mouth, talk in tongues and write columns like the one linked below.
This foreign trip has been a revelation about The Obamessiah. It shows that he will say anything, no matter how far it strays from the truth, to get elected. It shows the amazing ego that he has. Some of his most egregious misstatements were preceded by the admonition, "if you had bothered to check the facts..." when the most cursory fact-check (something beyond the grasp of alleged 'news' organizations like ABC, NBC, CBS, The New York Slimes, The Washington Compost, etc.) shows that this clown is a Clinton-level prevaricator. That is to say he tries to be as dishonest as Clinton and in the same way-- the current lie is spoken with aplomb and outraged assurance that negates all previous contradictory statements-- but one does have to ask if he's talented enough of a liar to get away with it until November.
Another thing that this trip has shown is how bad this clown is when he's off script. When he's lying he's channeling Bill Clinton, when he's stumbling and fumbling and screwing up questions he's channeling Dan Quayle. When one of his Disciples, oh excuse me, when a member of the Esteemed UnBiased Press Corps lobs a softball at Barry he more often than not flubs it. His ignorance is vast and, unlike the Lovable BJ Clinton, he doesn't know how to not answer a question. Maybe his campaign team should sit him down and show him movies of Dwight Eisenhower, who gave incoherent answers on purpose to confuse people and prevent follow ups; "here Barry, try doing THAT!"
Well today is Barry's speech at the Victory Memorial in Berlin. What Victory was that BTW?
The krauts were badly whipped in both world wars, maybe this is a monument to the Franco-Prussian War. They're expecting a million people. Yes, the disarmed Euros want a collapsing socialist America to withdraw its shrinking military (the likely scenario under an Obama Administration) and leave them to 'engage in meaningful negotiations' with the hungry jackals who surround their aging and shrinking populations. But I'll bet the swoon from the press, US and European, will rise to a crescendo like the fourth movement of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony; a true 'Ode To Barry'!

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