Sunday, July 20, 2008

Holy Carbon, Batman!

The debate on "Global Warming' continues on two levels. On the first level, the scientific level, the trend is pretty clear; there is NO evidence that man-made carbon emissions affect the Global Climate, which is currently cooling. NONE of the assertions made in 'An Inconvenient Truth' can be supported by scientific data. The entire panoply of statements about Global Warming announced as Gospel by the leftists ten years ago have been disproven. Here's an article written by the scientist "who wrote the carbon accounting model (FullCAM) that measures Australia's compliance with the Kyoto Protocol, in the land use change and forestry sector.",25197,24036736-7583,00.html

This article talks very specifically about how data collected in a systematic, scientific manner failed to find any evidence that Man-made Global Warming has any validity at all.
The article states:

"If there really was any evidence that carbon emissions caused global warming, don't you think we would have heard all about it ad nauseam by now?

The world has spent $50 billion on global warming since 1990, and we have not found any actual evidence that carbon emissions cause global warming. Evidence consists of observations made by someone at some time that supports the idea that carbon emissions cause global warming. Computer models and theoretical calculations are not evidence, they are just theory."

But I'm watching 'Fox News Sunday' as I write this. Every commercial by companies like Dow Chemical and Exxon Mobil looks like they hired a band of Marxist eco-hippies to run their advertising campaign. They're SO GREEN! SO CONCERNED! The Planet is about to shrivel up like a raisin but...DONT PANIC! Big Business and Big Government are going to be working along with Big Media to save the world from the excesses of us gluttonous consumers. It's amazing to compare the scientific argument to the political argument in which the voices of the anti-Greens are almost inaudible. When Barbara Boxer proposed a three-trillion dollar Global Warming tax increase that would have completely sunk the economy within three years there was no national outcry. Babs will win reelection in California in a landslide. If she bothers to run any campaign ads against whatever sacrificial candidate that the Other Global Warming Party runs against her she'll use her attempt to murder our economic system as proof that she is the only Green choice. No matter which of the socialist Weather-Fixing political parties wins the election this November the trend towards government domination of the economy and the absorbing of the giant moribund mega-corporations into planned monopolies who no longer have to fear demanding stockholders or upstart competitors will continue.
Why is this lie taking over the consciousness of our society without any opposition? How have the people who are fanatically eager to impose the failed policy of government economic planning been able to use this climatic fraud to finally turn the foremost Capitalist nation on Earth into a centrally planned 'privately owned government corporation' that will bring the same results that we got from Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac? Why are the politicians and even the business titans who dominate our economy so completely ignorant as to the real facts, or if they know them then silent as this travesty plays out? There are voices of opposition in the scientific community against this charlatanism, where is the political and cultural opposition?
Is this it? Do we just hand over our freedom and our prosperity to a claque of rich, arrogant elitists who are using this flumery to dispossess us of our political and economic rights and gain total control of everything? If they can destroy the economy to fix the weather doesn't that imply that they think that they are Gods? You might laugh at that but that's how Utopians think. Solzhenitsyn wrote a book entitled 'We Never Make Mistakes' which talked about that mentality among the Stalinist antescendants of our current crop of geniuses. The Stalinists embraced Lysenko's phony science with the same enthusiasm as The Gorians feel for their self-serving brand of hogwash. If the new 'revealed theory' mandates a reduction in the population of us pollution-causing economic units wont a Green Himmler emerge to set up the industrial capacity to reduce the number of these Pestiferous Plebeians? Being able to Fix The Weather gives you the capacity to make these sorts of God-like decisions and to use a cold-blooded brand of situational ethics to justify the 'necessary steps'.
This is a result of our political system becoming a one-party state, a development that started in the 1960s and came to it's ultimate fruition under the feeble corporatist 'leadership' of George W Bush. Maybe Marx was right; trends in a society are a result of underlying forces beyond the conscious control of mere individuals-- you know, like the weather.

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