Monday, July 14, 2008

The Fish That Ate Los Angeles

SACRAMENTO -- In a decision that could cripple state water deliveries, a judge has ordered the state to halt pumping water out of the delta within 60 days unless it complies with environmental laws that protect endangered fish.

Cities around the Bay Area face the possibility of mandatory water rationing next year as a result of a federal court decision Friday to protect a rare fish found only in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, state officials and water experts said.

'Environmentalists generally praised the ruling, even though the decision didn’t go as far as they wanted, while Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and water agency representatives claimed the decision would devastate California’s water supplies and the economy..

So here we are. Policies that will 'devastate California's water supply and economy' have been put in place not by our crackpot Kennedy in-law of a Governator or the band of glassy-eyed hippies and Mexican radicals we like to call our 'legislature (they have a 'Global Warming' plan that will devastate California's economy but it doesn't start to bite for a couple of years), but by a Federal Judge who has decided to stop pumping water on behalf of the fish. I guess we should count ourselves lucky that the 'rare fish' arent considered state employees and therefore eligible for the phat pensions which also will 'devastate California's economy' as more and more of our devoted public servants retire and strap on the feed bag. With all three branches of government working day and night on various overlapping plans to 'devastate California's economy' its amazing that the economy hasn't beaten the fish at their own game and gone extinct itself. Do these idiots who are suing to shut off California's water supply, causing water rationing in the cities and a rapid decline in agriculture (California's leading industry), think that there is an endless supply of taxpayer money somewhere and that they can continue to degrade the economy forever by applying their crackpot utopian 'rulings' and bureaucratic 'guidelines' any time they feel like it? There is a critical mass where things go into meltdown and we are very close to it now. The lying agencies which supply water to Los Angeles are blaming the coming water rationing on a drought that supposedly took place this rainy season. Normal rains for Los Angeles are 14" per year. This year we got...14". When liberal policies fail liberals just make up a lie and repeat it over and over so people who arent paying attention just absorb it through media osmosis. The Dept of Water and Power would never announce water rationing on behalf of a few dozen fish, rightly suspecting that people would be outraged at their lives being turned upside down by something so trivial and stupid. Global Warming is a prime example of this type of chicanery. Global temperatures have declined slightly in the last ten years. The oceans have not risen one tenth of a centimeter and a five year comprehensive study of ocean temperatures has shown a slight decline. If there were data supporting Global Warming dont you think they would be shouting it from the rooftops? The silence is deafening. Meanwhile an endless stream of commercials and messages that just take it for granted that Global Warming is happening flood the airwaves, with their smug, sanctimonious preaching about how us little minnows have to accommodate the draconian new measures taken so the sky doesnt fall and conk our widdle haids. But it doesn't matter. Global Warming could be completely discredited but the attack on our economy and on our freedom wouldn't stop. As this fish business shows any pretext to cause chaos and hardship is seized upon with enthusiasm by the fanatics. Their goal is a planned economy with them in charge-- Marxism.
They pay lip-service to Democracy at the moment, until they've registered enough mental defectives, phantom voters, homeless drunks and illegal aliens to stuff the ballot boxes and control any elections. They'll pretend to be in favor of free speech while at the same time they'll institute 'Fairness Doctrine' policies which will effectively silence any opposition. Most decisions will be made by anonymous, unelected, unaccountable judges and bureaucrats who will gain almost unlimited power; they're close to having it now. The state-run medical system will become a nightmare for the truly sick (those who arent members of the elite class of course) and an instrument of repression as the troublemakers are cured of their anti-social hallucinations in maximum security facilities designed for that purpose. So as you watch your lawn and the plants in your garden die and limit yourself to one shower a week, as you stand in what used to be the produce section of your supermarket scratching your unwashed head and wondering where the lettuce and the tomatoes have disappeared to, just think of the fish... they're more important than your stupid little life.


Frank Gerratana said...

Either we have environmental laws, or we don't. If we have them, we have to follow them. Many states other than California have chosen to regulate far less in this area.

Ensuring an adequate water supply will always be a problem in a city built in a desert - just as the cost of heat in the winter will be an issue in northern climates, insurance will be a problem in hurricane zones, and so on. Environmental restrictions are incidental to the main issue.

skep41 said...

Those pumping stations arent new, they've been pumping for years. The economic effect of this decision will be so huge and cause so much human misery that you might ask yourself if an order to create some kind of safe environment for the fish might have been more reasonable. LA has lost Owens Valley water because of environmental rulings, the allotment from the Colorado River has been cut drastically and now deliveries from the Sacramento Delta are compromised. Should half the city be emptied and property values collapse because of an environmental law? I agree that environment restrictions are exactly the issue. They have to be sane or they will not work. This is not sane.