Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Dark Night

I went to the theater yesterday and saw 'The Dark Knight'. I'm kind of a film snob and I dont like action-adventure movies very much but this one was great! It was dark, sardonic and fast-paced. the script was intelligent and delivered twists and surprises at every turn. The acting, directing and editing all were superb. The special effects were so good that it really did seem as though you were really seeing something that was there when it wasn't. This isn't to say that the film was realistic; there were many things that you just had to accept as part of the comic-book story so you could just sit back and enjoy the show. Even with that said, the mood of the film was hung with gloom and negativity; the good guys were almost destroyed by their hollow victory.
Later on in the evening I turned on the News. I'm a politics snob as well as a film snob so when the glowing TV box showed me the latest episode in 'The Obamaman' franchise, 'Barry Goes Abroad', I viewed it with the same skepticism that I used with 'Dark Knight' a few hours earlier. The two were similar in so many ways. There was a flawlessly delivered script on the part of our star, the heroic backdrops and the adoring fans were presented with exquisite timing. The entire media seems to have dropped their drawers for this guy like a pack of teenage groupies confronted with their favorite rock star.
But like the other fantasy flick there's a whole lot you have to ignore for this farce to work for you. You have to ignore how wrong Barry and the Dem Gang were all along on Iraq and the War On Terror. The media hype has airbrushed this gigantic Dem faux pas out of any 'analysis' of the current situation but the fact remains for anyone with a memory that goes back more than a month or two; it wasn't Bush who lied for years about the War In Iraq, it was the Democrats and with main star Barry singing the lead in the chorus for the last six months.
Now he's surveying the defeat of the terrorists him and his pals so avidly supported and claiming credit! Luckily for the Dems their fellow anti-Bush liberals in the Taliban have launched an offensive against the NATO forces in Afghanistan, giving Barry the chance to say, "See, if they had only listened to me!" The media sages cluck, yes, an offensive by the Taliban means the dastardly Bush has been defeated. Democrats look on any military activity by the enemy as a defeat for our side, or should I say, for the US side which they oppose. Just as Whiner Chronkite was reduced to sniveling tears of surrender by the Tet Offensive, a suicide charge by the commies which ended in a decisive US victory, the libs have been moaning and complaining that our enemies still exist while they refuse to report US victories, exaggerate or even invent US 'atrocities' and cry over and over again "Where's Osama Bin Laden?" when they know damned well he's across the border in Waziristan in territory belonging to our allies in Pakistan whom we cant risk undermining by violating their border because with a hostile government in Pakistan we would lose overflight access to Afghanistan entirely. But Barry solemnly pronounced that he would raise the number of US troops, forgetting that this is a NATO mission and that the cowardly and stingy Euros are already reneging on their commitments.
Today he flies to Jordan, surrounded by his barmicide gaggle of hosanna-singing liberal media clowns. Will he equal his equally liberal predecessor Jimmy The Jerk and give a full-on, toe curling , tongue-slobbering kiss to the head of Hamas or will he just subtly encourage the bloodthirsty savages who lurk on the outside of the Israeli security wall that Barry and his leftist friends were so adamantly against to feel that the new US regime will cut those nasty, imperialistic Jews loose and sit by wringing their hands as Holocaust II opens in theaters around the world?
All this Middle East stuff is just the prelude, of course. The real victory lap will be among the Euros. They've been so horrified at the anti-PC lapses of the cowboy Bush-lied regime that they yearn for an accomodationist socialist who will destroy the US economy and back down on the use of any armed force for any reason against the misunderstood Third Worlders who surround the aging and shrinking populations of Europe. They eagerly await this reincarnation of the Roman Emperor Honorius, who as part of his policy of peaceful negotiations with the barbarians withdrew all the warmongering Roman legions from Britain, leaving them with a stirring statement of the continuing Roman commitment to British security. The Euros will dance in the streets for the hombre who will free them from militarism and use diplomacy instead of force, just like Honorius. The fact that Britain was soon overrun with barbarians and Rome was sacked by the Visigoths doesn't discredit the tactic of negotiating with the violent, it just enjoins one to be a little more cautious and courteous.
So yes, it will take a slew of media special effects to make this incompetent and surprisingly ignorant leftist seem like a candidate with a solid grasp of foreign affairs and a coherent world view that will allow him to soberly assess America's national interests but if we all just suspend our judgment about this and his equally ruinous domestic policies we can learn to imagine the wonderful new future of change which unstoppably lies before us. Yes We Can!
But like 'The Dark Knight' this happy parade also has the dark and gloomy potential to destroy our way of life with its empty and hollow victory, which looks more and more certain, and usher in a different 'Dark Night' that wont need any special effects, hosanna-singing or media hype; it will be all too real.

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