Thursday, October 14, 2010

Desperation 2.0

I'm scared. The Chamber Of Commerce wont release its donor list and they're fooling honest Americans into canceling my health care by voting for extremist Teabaggers. If this foreign-funded Chamber Of Commerce plot succeeds all the air will be polluted and the Earth will catch fire and we'll all die a horrible death just like the polar bears! You think I'm crazy? Well PROVE that stuff isnt going to happen! Ha! I've got you there, dont I?

Welcome to the World Of Axelrod. Even a slavish liberal mainstream-media bootlicker like Bob Schieffer couldnt deal with it; the look on his face was the one usually reserved for someone like Sarah Palin or Christine O'Donnell when they talk about spending cuts. In shock he asked, "Is that all you've got?"

It is all they've got! Their unpopular agenda fails more every day. This month's undercurrent of failure is the apparent destruction of Medicare as private insurers drop Medicare Advantage plans, doctors opt out of the program entirely and prescription drugs take a huge jump in price. Seniors living on Social Security who have been told that inflation is so completely non-existent that they havent had a cost of living increase in two years are realizing what Hope And Change might mean for them. You see there is no inflation if you take food, energy and medical care out of the equation. These dumb, shovel-ready seniors are overlooking the fact that they can go down to the local auto dealer and purchase a brand spankin' new Jaguar for a lot less than they would have had to pay two years ago. It all averages out... but NO! that foreign Chamber Of Commerce money has blinded them, making them think that they are much worse off than they were under the Evil Bush.

The Evil Bush is looking mighty good these days as the undignified and cravenly dishonest current president flies from campaign stop to campaign stop blaming his abject failures on Karl Rove, Ed Gillespie, the oil companies, Big Insurance, greedy Wall Street speculators, teabaggers, and lazy Democrats who wont vote while at the same time he brags about how many cushy, overpaid, useless government jobs he's saved to audiences filled with desperate people hoping Barak will announce some plan to get us out of the current morass. The tangled metaphor about giving the car keys back to the people who drove us into the ditch is a little shopworn after the car has somehow slipped deeper into the ditch during the last couple of years instead of moving back towards the road. What have these idiots done to get the car out of the ditch or even to stop it sliding farther in?

But this must be Recovery Autumn if it follows Recovery Summer! The 20% unemployed populace is unable to look past their foreclosure notices and unemployed school leavers and suicidal middle-aged relatives and realize that there are some great statistics out there proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that any so-called 'recession' ended nearly a year ago. What are you going to do with people that stupid?

The Dems have trotted out their not-so-secret weapon...BJ Clinton. They figure that in Blue States that are turning Red that a look at BJ and hearing a few of his absurdly dishonest soundbites will bring the apparently confused independents and Reagan Democrats back to the fold that the left-wing radical policies of Pelosi, Reid and Obama have chased them from. Clinton looks like Bilbo Baggins after he got to Rivendell; old age and too much Cialis have finally caught up with him. The old fire is gone and in some of these races even a visit by BJ is pointless. It just reminds people that every Democrat is one hundred percent behind the policies that have caused so much misery. Telling people to 'stay the course' when they see their country and their lives falling apart is counterproductive politically.

Now that people really want and need some Hope And Change telling them how great things are and how we need to stay the course is not really the right approach. But the Dems, and especially the ones in the White House, figure they've already delivered a truckload of Change and they Hope you like it. We dont. Nobody does. Even hardcore Democrats are moody and defensive. They'll vote against the current mess by staying home. The polls are trying to measure likely voters and are giving grudging 'I guess I'll vote' Democrats the same weight in surveys as 'I cant wait to get to the polls to send those creeps a message' Republicans and Independents. The polls are way oversampling Democrats.

The Democrats know it, too. Why are they sending money and key people to Delaware? According to everyone that race is completely sewed up. Why the air of desperation in the supposedly ahead in the polls Barbara Boxer campaign? Its the Scott Brown effect. Was Brown ever ahead in the polls? Maybe in the last couple of days but no one believed he could win. Now we see the same poll numbers flowing slowly towards candidates like McMahon in Connecticutt and even towards O'Donnell in Delaware. In both of those cases we're not supposed to judge female candidates on their good looks so we'll just concentrate on the spectacular unphotogenicness of their male opponents. Those feral-looking critters are TV poison. They dont have a tenth of the pizzaz the gals they're running against have. I've been in the TV industry all my life and let me tell you that when you're selling anything on TV LOOKS MATTER! MESSAGE MATTERS!

The only message the Democrats, who have controlled Congress for four years and Congress and the White House for two years is that each individual Republican candidate in every race has such a horrendous past life that a vote to put them into office is a vote to turn your nation over to a pack of heartless criminals. The ads for every Democratic candidate for every competitive office are exactly the same; this guy/gal is unfit for office and belongs in a jail/insane asylum. Every business person is accused of driving jobs overseas, even if they ran a Subway franchise in South Dakota. The nasty opposition research is all they've got. No Hope. No Change. Just smears. It wont work.

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