Thursday, January 7, 2010

Indolent Expectations

"History is replete with examples where an active despair has overcome an indolent expectation of victory."
Gibbon must have been looking at the Health Scare debate when he said that. Will the commies expropriate the entire Health Care industry? You would think that after that last vote in the Senate, where all the phony Blew Dogs took meaty bribes and then cast aside the moderate image they had assumed to fool the rubes back home and marched in lock step with Chuck Schumer and Debbie Stabenow. So that's it, isnt it? Health Scare is a done deal, right?

Maybe, maybe not. On the way to Hoaxing-hagen it looked like the Glow-bull Warming religion would triumph and the UN would begin to direct the redistribution of assets from the degenerate social welfare states to pay permanent guilt-money to bloodthirsty dictators to help them oppress their helpless citizens. Not only did our own clownish leaders distinguish themselves with their blundering idiocy but somehow at the apex of Glow-Bull Warming worship an Ice Age blizzard descended on the Northern Hemisphere, a blizzard that shows no sign of abating a month later. It was so cold last week that I had to put on a sweater to go outside in the afternoon and next week they say it might rain again. Will this winter never end?

Yesterday, as Drudge and then all the radio talk shows were playing montages of Our Barry yodeling during the campaign about how all the Health Scare reconciliation conferences between the House and the Senate were going to be televised on CSPAN, we had the specter of Nutsy Pelosi laughing so hysterically it almost ripped her tightly-stretched plastic face and saying, "People say all kinds of things during a campaign!" Yes they do. Those would be called bald-faced lies in the case of Democrats.

But the Dems might have gone too far last year. They ran as a fiscally sane alternative to the blundering Republiclowns...a compelling scenario, one that lasted until the blunders of the Democrats turned out so much unbelievably greater that the Republiclowns have risen in the polls to the point were the Dems have shown signs of panic. The Great Takeover has flown into some nasty headwinds. The Big Lie, that some Dems are more moderate than others, has been shown to be just that and the Red State Democrats and many in the formerly blue states, stand naked and vulnerable as the overreaching radicals and spiraling deficits turn the national mood to rage. Major Senators like Chris Dodd and Byron Dorgan have already committed political hari-kari on the Obamunist altar. Lesser rats are jumping ship with less noise.

Do it fast! Has been the watchword for Health Scare. They have to sell a bill that no one has read that they have refused to hold hearings on and have passed in a completely party-line vote. Dont read, just sign! If that isnt the classic definition of a swindle I dont know what is.
But time is running out. It might not be possible to pass something like this in this situation of depression and national bankruptcy. The Dems have been remarkably disciplined up to now but panic is in the air.

There is one more shoe to drop before Health Scare can get past the finish line. A recent poll shows that the race is tightening in Massachusetts, the ultimate Blue State, for the seat of the Beached Whale of Chappaquiddick, Dead Kennedy. The openly leftist candidate, Martha Coakley, was supposed to walk into Teddy's vacant seat with no opposition. This is Massachusetts after all! But now her opponent, Scott Brown, is moving closer. Rasmussen did a poll and found him within nine points of Coakley with three weeks left to go. Usually nine points is a wide margin in any election but several things are noteworthy in this case; the margin was thirty points a few months ago and Dem voters are confused and in despair and the anti-Democrats are angry and motivated. In a low-turnout election being motivated is what counts. The Gibbon quote at the top of the page might be applicable. If Dems start losing elections in Massachusetts then what of Dems from Texas and Montana?

The shape of the Health Scare Bill is looming ever larger over the disspirited Demo majority in Congress. It talks of taxing 'cadillac' health care. My wife gets 'non-cadillac' Kaiser from her job at the elementary school where she works. She wants me to switch my 'cadillac' Motion Picture health coverage to Kaiser because her hours and benefits are going to be cut next school year. ObamaScare means that we will be paying income tax on the same benefits, coming from my Union plan, that wouldnt be taxable if they came from my wife. Wait till Joe Six-Pack, whose family counts on that happy IRS refund check every April, finds out that he owes at the end of the year. Now those of us who work free lance and are soaked mercilessly are used to that feeling, walking out of the accountant's office knowing that you have to go tell your wife that you have to come up with $10,000 dollars or so for the Feds and more for the State. Nine-to-fivers expect that enough has been deducted from their paychecks to ensure a nice little delivery in the mail next spring. Delivery canceled, dumbass, on account of unexpected costs due to Hope And Change. Will they remember that in November? I think they might, especially since the taxes start four years before the 'benefits'.

So the Powers That Be know that HealthScare has to pass before the runoff in Massachusetts on Jan 19 because there is a chance, not a huge one but a chance, that they will lose their 60-vote majority on that day. If you know anyone in Mass who will vote our way phone them and plead, beg, cry, abase yourself trying to convince them to go and vote to stop this monster. If Coakley loses the entire Obamunist coalition comes unglued, the Agenda stops moving forward. Brown shows signs of being a Lincoln Chafee Republiclown but that does not matter! The defeat of the Demo candidate in Massachusetts will be the thunderclap that stampedes the herd. We need to support, with all our hearts, anyone who will damage the Obamunist Agenda and disspirit the enemies of our prosperity and freedom no matter who they are or what they say. Everything is at stake now, we cant afford to lose.


Frank Gerratana said...

I will vote for Scott Brown if you can get him to say, "I am pro-choice. I support gay marriage."

skep41 said...

The Court has established abortion as a right conferred by the Constitution. It is not currently a political problem and not likely to be. Gay marriage has also been removed from the political arena by the courts, as you will see in California when they overturn Prop 9. I strongly support abortion being legal and gay marriage but my views and Scott Brown's are irrelevant. The political class wants them to be legal and mere voters have no say in the matter. Now medical care is going to be added to the list of 'rights' that will become politically untouchable and unlike abortion and gay marriage it will be a hideously expensive 'right' and one which other mega-states have managed very badly. Our right to dispute any of these 'rights' is fading away as our current political system moves from freedom to tyranny. Are you happy to live in a one-party state where the rules are bend to favor the political class? Even as a member of that class you should be wary.

Frank Gerratana said...

Abortion has already been front-and-center in the health care debate (e.g. the Stupak amendment). But more importantly, if it is overshadowed by other issues anyway, why won't a candidate just come out in support? Where are the candidates who support abortion rights, gay rights, and income tax reform all at once in the name of individual freedoms? Why do we have a standard of part liberties, part extremist pandering?

skep41 said...

Its not necessarily my view (as more of a libertarian) but many people feel that abortion has cheapened the value of life in our society. One would have to be a Christian to have a view like that. Scott Brown is NOT anti abortion. Many of us on the right would not like to be lumbered by the 'social' issues but many on the left have problems with them as well. Its never easy. In politics you have to nod to the views of your allies.