Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Barbara Boxer Smell The Coffee!

What a wonderful morning! The Lion Of Chappaquiddick is finally buried with a silver stake through his left ventricle. The hapless Martha Coakley not only managed to get skunked in the bluest state in the nation but she managed to drive two of the most loathesome commies in the country, Barak Obama and BJ Clinton, off the bridge with her. Yes, Barry stood on her face to escape as the electoral car sank in the icy water and BJ is nowhere to be found, they'll probably turn up this morning in the hotel lobby with some story prefabricated by their attorneys while their aides spirit Coakley's political corpse off to avoid an autopsy.

Remember that wonderful Tuesday when the Dem's ultimate Goldman Sachs insider John Corzine lost the indigo blue state of New Joisey? They mentioned it on Wednesday but by Thursday all signs of Corzine had completely disappeared from the media. I forget which celebrity scandal the media used to turn Corzine into an unperson but you can bet that somewhere Paris Hilton or J-Lo or someone of that ilk is doing something MUCH more important than the Stalingrad of the Obamunist agenda that occurred in the Bay State last night.

The dollar is surging as the international financial community sniffs the blood from the wounded ObamaBeasts and imagines a capitalist revival in the USA. The White House is metaphorically resembling the Presidential Palace in Port Au Prince as Barry and the Gang are buried under the stimulus rubble. If this was BJ there would be a course correction but there is no Dick Morris in the ranks of the Obamunists. They are completely delusional. Are they delusional enough to try to pass the Senate Bill unaltered in the House? Are they crazy enough to attempt to buy their way out of this economic mess by voting themselves another giant chunk of 'stimulus'? These glassy-eyed fanatics are crazy enough to do this and more. Unlike the sleazy and dishonest Clinton the Obamunists believe their own bull-crap. They think they can spend and borrow their way into prosperity by humping chimeras like 'Green Jobs'. Have you ever met anyone with a 'Green Job'?

Which brings me to my own blighted state of Gollyvornia. To the deliciously arrogant little dwarf known affectionately as Comrade Boxer. Call me Senator, Mofo! My district only votes for ugly dwarves; my House member is a gnarled, sawed-off little troll named Whack-man and Boxer is just as vertically challenged. How many of these Stalinist clowns could you fit in a Volkswagen? We'll never know because they demand to be toted around in giant taxpayer-funded limousines. But there is no joy in the back seat of the stretch as Babs senses her political doom in the ongoing wreck of Obamunism. All the radical dreams that they thought they had foisted on a stupid electorate by mouthing the lies that they were fiscally conservative and that the Republicans wanted to sew women's vaginas shut like a bunch of Somali camel-herders are headed for the trash-can of history.

We're coming to get you Babs! Your days are numbered! The angry mob is in the street. You've contemptuously called us Tea Baggers, referring to a vile practice common in the gay community which supports you so enthusiastically, but now, to continue your vulgar metaphor our jaws are going to tighten and the tender flesh will rip. Your ACORNy days are numbered you Soviet cow! Your lie is over, your reign totters, Frodo has thrown the ring into the molten lava of our anger and the towers of radicalism are crumbling. The Public Employee Unions can spend a billion dollars of their members pension money on lying TV commercials featuring weeping nurses, stolid firemen, pleading policemen and solemn doctors but it will not help you one single bit. We're sitting in the ruins of our formerly great state fuming and looking for a target for our rage and you'll do nicely.

So I'm waiting for that morning in November, when the Tea Party, that started with such an air of bravery in the face of what looked like an unbeatable monolith, that ragged band of people standing in that plaza in Van Nuys being sneered at by the burly cops sent to make sure that none of us flipped out from despair and ran into the traffic on Van Nuys Boulevard, the day that that Tea Party dances to victory and our nation is saved from the likes of you and your seedy, lying left-wing cronies.


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