Friday, December 18, 2009

The Crapen-Hoken Clown Posse

During the current record-breaking blizzard covering our suffering nation with a layer of ice and snow unemployment has taken an unexpected (not by anybody with any sense) jump up and the HealthScare pie fight continues in Congress and the Senate. The nation's rage grows more white-hot (uh-oh, Warming You Can Believe In!) against the Stalinist policies that these lying radicals, these jerks who were 'fiscal conservatives' a year ago when they were running for election, are inflicting on an economy already grinding to a frozen halt as blizzards harsher than anyone has seen in their lifetimes rage in wave after wave across our frozen homeland; a land with an icebound economy taxed to a frozen halt as giant tax increases and oppressive regulations pile up like mile-thick glaciers, blocking any growth and crushing any enterprise under their frozen sheets of Marxist stupidity.

After signing into law another titanic trillion-dollar giveaway subsidy to every domestic parasite and loser in the country our jug-eared Stalinist clown of a Chief Executive has taken some time off from wrecking our nation to fly over in a fleet of jets belching black carbon from every nozzle into the swirling snows of CrapenHoken to promise to hand over hundreds of billions of deficit dollars to every leering. greedy savage wrecking their own 'underdeveloped' nations' economies so that this collection of Chavez-loving bloodthirsty Leninist thugs can have more goodies to pass out to their cronies and put in their Swiss bank accounts.

And where is the genius of Hope And Change getting this mountain of Lucky Bucks? He's borrowing it from the Chicoms. If the monsters who run China are so danged concerned about the overhyped con-job of phony Global Warming 'Science' why dont the Progressive Socialists running that totalitarian nightmare of a dictatorship take some time off from chopping their citizens up and selling their organs on the black market to lend themselves the money and leave us out of it. The Friend Of The Atmosphere is already engaged in turning the country that was stupid enough to elect him into a Tanzania-like, poverty-stricken Marxist dictatorship so our carbon footprint is going to shrink no matter what idiotic treaty the totalitarian liars in CrapenHoken come up with. The Hoaxers have now been under the gun for a month from the ClimateGate revelations but have yet to produce ANY data or ANY evidence that their fictitious 'science' has any basis in reality at all, but that doesnt bother President Slappy and the Red Brigade in Washington in their breathless quest to levy Crap On Trade taxes on a crumbling economy.

Meanwhile Nutsy Pelosi has jetted over into the blizzard conditions swirling around CrapenHoken with her wizened and surgically scarified, botoxed skeletal mug, trailed by her zoo-like collection of squirrelly, deformed corruptocrats (aka the House leadership) to underline what an insult to common sense this whole cretinous circus of moronism is. They're claiming they are there to create even more Green Jobs. The only Green Jobs this collection of freakish-looking Bozos has created involve standing next to your mailbox picking your nose while you wait for your unemployment check to arrive. The great Green Jobs dilemma is Eat Or Flick, although in the current polar weather conditions the Eaters might have to microwave their Green Snacks, increasing the carbon footprint of our evil capitalist nation. We can count on Nutsy and the boys to give us a few hearty laughs to amuse us as we slip into further into a freezing Ice Age poverty.

Also good for a chuckle is the Hoaxer's Clown-mander In Chief, the always vomitatious Algore, standing with his feet frozen in a block of ice spouting made-up 'statistics' so absurd that even the bum-crawling liars at the government-run New York Times are obliged to note his 'unsupported statements'. Of course the noble NYT doesnt give any credence to the absurd notion bruited about by the Deniers that this fifteen year descent into Arctic weather has something to do with the sun (aka Big Ball Of Fire In Sky) and not, as the Hoaxers claim, a much-deserved punishment for our Evil Consumerist ways.

Crapen-Hoken has underlined, if any more underlining is needed, what a deluded pack of idiots these Hoaxers are. Well, what do you expect from these over-educated, arrogant, elitist creeps, these graduates of radical indoctrination centers like Harvard or Yale? The Settled Science is that these dopes are wrong about everything they say. EVERYTHING! The old cliche about a blind pig occasionally finding an ACORN is disproven by this bunch, whose one ACORN has been revealed as being as dishonest, lawless, incompetent, confused, ignorant and stupid as their Democratic paymasters. These Congressional Friends Of The Poor are conspiring to hand out bales of a currency that is on its way to becoming as worthless as the toilet paper the Hoaxers want to deny to us all. We wont be so lucky as to have these guys apply the 'one sheet' policy to wipe the carbon problem away from the world's odiferous industrial exhaust pipes. We can expect whole rainforests to be turned into treeless deserts to publish the massive White Papers, white as the zero-visibility blizzard raging outside the conference, that the Hoaxers, pushed into panic mode by the ongoing collapse of their lie, will need to write to justify this Grand Larceny by the ruling class against us apparently undertaxed peons.

The weird Kabuki dance of vile and nauseating anti-capitalist demonstrators outside, fighting the Danish police in the howling maelstrom of the advancing Ice Age, adds a hilarious footnote to the macabre sight of Western Civilization committing mass suicide in freezing weather conditions not seen since the end of World War 2. If you're a leftist and you were stupid enough to vote for the Commissar of Hope And Change than you are responsible for our formerly great nation's involvement in this travesty...a travesty that George W Bush, to his great credit, would never have played along with.

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