Monday, April 27, 2009

Quem Deus Vult Perdere Prius Dementat

Why is everybody so happy? They're talking in hushed tones of 'The First Hundred Days' of the Obama Era as if they had some palpable accomplishment to brag about. The Administration has snuck a few pieces of legislation through the legislative process and people who are paying attention are alarmed at many of their policies. CNBC, a business channel not normally given to political discourse, is inhabited by folks who are able to read and understand what these things mean and the business-types on that channel are aghast. Hard-core conservatives are predictably upset at what they see as a slide to destruction. Even some liberals are looking over the 'accomplishments' and becoming uneasy.

But if you get your news from the 30-second newsbreaks in the commercial intervals during 'Desperate Housewives' you're feeling pretty darn good about Barak. One glance at the cover of People Magazine will fill you with confidence and pride at America's wise political choice. Approval ratings are at 60%. Barak obliges this vast audience with plenty of images that show that he's as photogenic as Bill Clinton, swinging his golf club with a quiet insouciance with his eyes fixed firmly on the future that is just outside the bounds of the glowing photograph. At last, a Democrat who looks sharp in his tailored suit instead of that furtive little weasel Bush! I guess things can only get better, right? He's rolled up his sleeves and done something about the economic mess left to him by the Bush Administration and he's got a lot of swell new solutions for all our other problems so why shouldnt we support him?

But 'The Hundred Days' concept can refer to two incidents in history; the storm of legislation that began FDR's 12-year tenure in the White House or the return of Napoleon from Elba and his march to Waterloo. Both ended badly. Waterloo has become a synonym for hubristic disaster and FDR's hurricane of legislation did nothing to help the country out of the Great Depression and in fact can be accused not only of prolonging and deepening that depression but also can be looked on as the beginning of the trend that has brought us to the current crisis. One thing that Bonaparte and FDR had in common is a boundless energy that they threw into The Hundred Days. Wrongheaded as they were they moved forward rapidly and with purpose.

Not so the sluggish Obama. With a Speaker Of The House described by her colleagues as 'crazy and meaner than a junkyard dog' and possessing a complete lock on The House and a Senate with 59 Democrat votes, needing only one or two feeble RINO votes to perpetrate any legislative monstrosity Harry Reid needs to push through you would think we would be living in a People's Republic by now. But this legislative mountain has so far given birth to a couple of anemic baby mice. They've voted a trillion dollars in handouts to friends, donors and favored sectors of the electorate (labeled 'stimulus'). They've effectively doubled the federal budget. The banks have been strong-armed into the TARP program. A large sector of the auto industry has been nationalized and turned over to the union bosses who destroyed it in the first place. The defense budget has been slashed. But the 'liberal agenda' , the avalanche of legislation putting every dream of every crackpot left-wing college professor or union boss into law that Nancy Pelosi promised in the magic First Hundred Days is surprisingly missing.

Why? The American People have demanded more subsidies, especially in these critical times. This is a free country so where's all my free stuff? Free medical care--that's a right! Free college education for anybody who can scrawl their name on an admission application--another right! And what about the right to stay in your house when you cant pay the mortgage? The right of your union to charge your boss four or five times the wage rate people in other countries earn for the same work? The right of public employees to earn eighty percent of their gross pay (indexed for inflation, of course) when they retire after twenty years of service? The right of illegal aliens to all the benefits available to so-called 'citizens'. The government needs to fix the weather by replacing all smoking power plants with eco-friendly windmills and solar panels and also to replace all those stinky gasoline-powered cars with battery-powered cars that run just as well and eliminate the need for expensive petroleum. All those greedy bankers and CEOs need to be stripped of their bonuses and private jets so that The Children can have a decent education in our cash-starved schools.

The translation of the title of this piece is 'Whom the Gods would destroy they first make demented'. That might be a good replacement for 'In God We Trust' on our currency. The currency that will be increasingly worthless as each new wave of 'stimulus' is poured into a declining economy. The conservatives are waiting for the American People to catch on to the effects of all these Obamunist economic tricks and turn on their authors. Thats a nice thought, but its going to take a lot for these spoiled, dependent slobs to realize that their rights are unsustainable and unworkable and not rights at all. The dementia has eaten into America's brain. They really think that the government can fix the weather. They really think that they can retire at fifty with free medical care, a phat pension, mortgage relief, and an electric-powered Winnebago that will take them on a permanent tour of a well-maintained highway system in a country free from the fear of a terrorist attack or crime by illegal alien criminals surrounded by a world of democratic nations impressed by the sheer morality of America's admirable foreign policy. Thats how demented we have become.

The state of the political culture in this age of Obamunism is like one of those parties that some people throw in their beach houses on sandbank islands when a Category Five hurricane is approaching. What, Me Worry? Everyone is happy waiting for Daddy Obama and those caring, concerned Democrats to drop fat worms into our widely-opened mouths. We just declare the worms exist (nemitodii stimulatus) and there they are! The economic collapse of Europe is interesting but what does a 6% decline in GDP in Germany have to do with us? If the Taliban takes over in Pakistan why should we care? Nuclear Iran? Not our problem. Somali pirates? Hey maybe we can make a movie about these poor saps and have Johnny Depp play the Head Pirate just for laughs!

Because one of the worst mistakes of the Obamunists is the presenting of our bungling non-action in Somalia as some kind of a victory. The pirates got a green light for more thuggery and the world got the message that this four-flushing phony will take a victory on the cover of People Magazine instead of risking a real response to an international crisis. Another is our broadcasting to the world that we intend to prosecute the people who squeezed the secret plans of our Islamonazi terrorist enemies from them while we label our peaceful political opposition as potential terrorists. The world is also looking askance at the ever-increasing bond auctions of our Federal and State governments as they work to fulfill the rights they've told a gullible public they can expect.

So as Barry gives Hero Chavez the ghetto handshake the Taliban moves in for the kill in Pakistan, the North Koreans fire ballistic missiles into Japan's airspace, and Iran readies their first nuke for testing the American press goes insane complimenting BHO on our much-improved image in the world. As the banks slide further toward insolvency, the UAW seizes control of GM and Chrysler, the Fed pours vast oceans of money into a shrinking economy, the cap-and-trade disaster looms and unemployment creeps into double digits the press and the public are agog at the many accomplishments in this First Hundred Days of the New Age. If you deny that socialism doesnt work and I deny that socialism doesnt work then it works! Another Great President said something similar and he had a 60% approval rating, too.

Make no mistake. The problem that this country has is that everybody now expects to get more out of the system than they put in. Everybody. Its mass insanity. Dementia. The Gods are laughing. They know how this story ends. Obama isnt Achilles, he's Hector.

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