Thursday, April 2, 2009

Blue Dog Bull Pucky

I just got done reading an article on Real Clear about how the so-called 'Blue Dog Democrats' are worried that the morons who voted for them might not be on board as the Obamunists adopt the policies that made Albania the economic powerhouse that it is today. (

Blue Dogs from Purple districts worried about spending too much Green money by the Reds running their party...what a pile of horse dookey! THERE ARE NO MODERATE DEMOCRATS! If your Representative or Senator voted to make Nancy 'Stretch' Pelosi Speaker Of The House or Harry 'The Body' Reid Senate Majority Leader then they are a dyed-in-the-wool out-and-out commie left-wing socialist America-hating anti-capitalist freedom-ending radical Marxist. The only difference between a 'Blue Dog' Democrat and Chuck Schumer or Barney Frank is that the 'Blue Dogs' have constituencies slightly less politically retarded than the Bright Blue centers of socialist idiocy and are forced to lie about who they really are so that they can hornswoggle normally sensible people into voting for them. You would think it was obvious that residents of Nebraska or Virginia would have more sense than people who live in New York, California or Massachusetts, thats a no brainer, but look at the lying liberal weasels they send to the Senate; Jim 'Melonhead' Webb, who ran as Ronald Reagan and votes like Hugo Chavez, and that sneaky sloped-brow pinko Neanderthal Ben Nelson, who is always involved in thoughtful dialog with RINO Republicans like Arlen Spectacle, Olympia Snow-Job and Thusan Collinth, crafting filibuster-proof majorities in the Senate for the latest attack on our country dreamed up by the Stalinist Leadership. Obamunists all. So any time you vote for any Democrat for any office, no matter how 'moderate' they pretend to be, remember that you are voting to decrease your freedom, raise your taxes, fund extremist groups, deny American sovereignty, cut the military and further destroy a country that was once the beacon of hope and freedom to the entire world.

But right now the tidal wave of cash printed by the Fed and handed out to all and sundry by the beneficent megastate is having the effect of temporarily halting the headlong slide to rock bottom. It seems a few rays of sunlight are peeking through the gray gloom of Obamunism and lending a faint hope to the immediate present. The crash was like when the lights go out in a tough waterfront bar; a lot of scores get settled. In this case companies who were dying to clean house did it all at once under the cover of the general emergency. It seemed that all of a sudden everyone I knew either got laid off or was fearing a layoff...including my wife who is a low-paid library aide running a library in an elementary school. At least in the film industry you expect to get laid off but a friend of mine is a Civil Engineer at the same job for decades who was completely unglued by layoffs at his company. His 401k has lost two-thirds of its value, his mortgage is 'under water' and he's been forced to take a 20% pay-cut. Better than being one of the 50% of his firm who got the boot, I suppose. An Obama voter, too, but it would be stupid to rub that in his face right now. Wait till election time. Lets see how eager he is to re-elect Henry Waxman.

But the current calm is deceptive. The infusion of bogus cash created by the Fed might have roused the stock market a bit but the firing of corporate CEOs by the government and a crop of legislation completely deleterious to any expansion of economic activity bode ill for the future. As does a precipitous drop in tax revenues and an increasing load on pension plans and Social Security by laid off older workers who want to take early retirement. Social Security, supposed to be in surplus until 2017, is soon to be in the red. In the red even without the anticipated addition of tens of millions of illegal aliens made eligible for SSI handouts by 'immigration reform'.

Meanwhile, the ever-lovable Barney Frank has shepherded a bill through committee without debate that would give the government control over all salaries. Confiscatory Federal and State tax hikes are going to make any income over $150k completely meaningless--and inflation is going to put a raft of Obamunists who were shouting, "Eat The Rich!" from their low tax-brackets all of a sudden on the hook for a bunch of unexpected taxes. The upper middle class bourgeois bedroom-community granola-eaters will be feeling the bite of this as every penny that they worked and saved for is lost. There is already a problem of abandoned unsellable small boats, too expensive to moor and maintain, cluttering the coastal waters as owners ditch the useless hulks in a desperate effort to cut their bottom-line costs. Another industry destroyed.

And if wage controls are put in place can price controls be far behind? If hyper-inflation is a problem why not just pass a law against it? That'll create a nice sunny business climate, along with the inevitable shortages and disruptions that those kind of controls always cause. So if you've got anything in the stock market sell on the current upswing and then buy a ton of non-perishable consumer goods and stash them in your garage so you will have plenty of stuff to trade on the black market. Avoid gold which the greedy megastate always confiscates from the idiots who think their horde of dubloons will tide them through the tough times. Even if the government forgets to confiscate them what will they be worth? A can of beans? Better to invest in the can of beans, they're a lot cheaper and if you dont trade them you can still eat them.

But dont tell your friends, whatever you do. One of the characteristics of socialism is that it engenders total selfishness and dishonesty in the people live under it. You dont tell anyone what you've got going because trading your can of beans for a new t-shirt is illegal. Hoarding your can of beans is illegal. Making any profit of any kind is illegal. So keep your mouth shut and cry poor.

Meanwhile, enjoy the calm before the storm and enjoy being able to oppose this madness. The life of a socialist peon is a life of the mind, the life of an artist. You'll have time to surf the web and dandle your grandchildren on your knee. You're as successful now as you are ever going to be so dont worry about it.Socialism is the art of cruising through life without making waves. You run your little scams and enjoy what you can cheat out of the system.

Thats the world that our moderate Democrat friends and their bi-partisan Republican allies have dragged us into. The hard-core Obamunists will do all the heavy lifting, but really, what are the chances that we'll elect people who will go to DC or the Statehouse and make REAL cuts? Zero. We can enjoy all the tea parties we want but everyone is getting a subsidy of some sort and its ingrained in our minds that they belong to us by right. The Bill Of Rights is less important than my right to my Social Security check or my right to a cheap, subsidized class in 'Pornography In World History' at the local community college. We just have to learn to adapt and wait for the wind to change.


Frank Gerratana said...

Hey man, leave Susan Collins' thick Maine accent alone. They all talk that way.

skep41 said...

Sorry. You know us right-wingers...we're haters.