Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It Cant Be True

WASHINGTON (AP) - What kind of politician brings a teleprompter to a news conference?

Yes. That's exactly it. Not George W who they called a stumbling retard, not Ronaldus Magnus who they called a senile old right-wing crackpot, certainly not BJ Clinton who everybody knew was lying 100% of the time, never the weedy HW, not even the mock-sincere Carter needed to read his answers off cue cards. Yes even Carter, one of the worst presidents ever, could still field questions from a pack of reporters. Think if Nixon had shown up with a teleprompter-equipped podium for the pressers he did as Watergate closed in on him. Dan Rather would have ripped one of the screens off the podium to try to club The Trickster with it. What if Obama gets in a very tight spot where the whole country is pissed off at him, will he bring his teleprompters to that press conference?

Who is this guy? There are these serious things going on all around and he doesnt even seem like a player. Its like having a male model for President. Yes, he is really, really, really good looking, I'll give you that, but do we want Zoolander at the helm of the ship of state while a Category Five hurricane is going on outside and the cargo is on fire? What kind of people voted for these idiots without noticing how completely lame they were?

There are times in the past when I've been embarrassed at my going over the top. My family and friends think that I'm a completely flipped out loonie with my weird right-wing obsessions. Sometimes I believed them. What was wrong with me? Was this the ultimate LSD flashback? Was I hallucinating catastrophe where there was none? Did I really think that all those things I said about liberals were true? They're not really going to end free markets and free speech. I mean, calm down!

What about those other kooks I 'blog' with? Probably a bunch of unwashed agouraphobiacs in dimly-lit house trailers deep in the backwoods in their cammo pajamas, disassembled guns on the coffee table, loose bullets rolling on the floor waking the two obese Akita-Rottwieler mixed spike collared savage mongrel fleabags, sitting in the empty beer can and bargain rye bottled landscape grinding their teeth with anger at the bad old Democratic Commie Conspiracy. It just wasnt going to be that bad, I mean really! We were overreacting, c'mon, admit it!

But it is that bad, we werent overreacting. These Democrats are as bad as the nuttiest fruit-bar drunken fever-brained right-wing lunatic ever imagined they would be. Worse. Those socialist mutts are in the process of screwing everything up ON PURPOSE! Thats how stupid a Harvard degree makes a person. Some guy with a tinfoil hat crouched over a glowing computer monitor in his VA repo double-wide in Beaver Fart, Nebraska has a more sane view of reality then everybody at the Brookings Institution put together! I dont take back one word I've ever said about the Democrats. They havent neglected to be as bad as my worst imaginings thought they would be. In fact, I curse myself for being a mealy-mouthed temporizer who has been too kind to these creeps who stand poised to steal everything I have, cancel the Bill Of Rights and destroy my country.

Why dont the people around me notice that policies are being introduced that will have these effects? They dont notice because they see Obama, not on CSPAN or in the columns posted on RCP.com but on the Tonight Show or in the pages of People Magazine. They dont have a running political commentary in their ears that makes any sense. Things are scary and this really, really, really good looking guy says he's going to deal with it so like chill baby! Just set a few Wall Street Baddies to rights and we can all get on with our lives. National Public Radio hasnt panicked so why should we?

We live in a time when the people who waved fingers and yelled at the top of their lungs at George Bush's $400 billion deficit now are proposing a budget with a two trillion dollar deficit! Half of this is stuffed into a 'stimulus' bill that didnt have one single thing in it that would stimulate the economy in any way. That dead mackerel has been stinking up the political landscape for a few weeks now and I still have yet to read one single explanation of a cause and effect relationship between the passage of this bill and an increase in employment. But liberals arent big on Cause And Effect. They still cant show any data that there is a link between carbon dioxide emissions and global temperatures but they accept that there is because they want there to be to suit their political purposes.

Someone e-mailed me that they thought the Insane Commies were going to drop Cap And Trade or Card Check. They only will do that if some opposition develops that makes it politically impossible. But what opposition? If all enforcement of voter-fraud laws is suspended then they always have as many votes as they need. And the People Magaziners dont care. The fear that The Founders had of democracy is writ large in the actions of the modern Democratic Party. A few more of these destructive policies put in place will create 20-30% unemployment and rampant inflation. And Our Socialist Masters will be happy if carbon emissions decline. Whew! Great! We Saved The Planet! What a sense of planetary pride we'll all have living on a fifth of the income we make now.

Because that is their biggest crime. The Democrats have destroyed our currency. Our money will be worth as much as the empty lies of our leaders. Our economy will not be producing anything anyone would consider worth buying. The era where America was a dominant force in world events is over. The days of decent medical care for anyone but an elite few are drawing to a close. The age of individual automobile ownership are numbered. Your 3000 square foot house will be impossible to heat or cool. We might be lucky enough to afford to run a small refrigerator and a few forty-watt light bulbs. Bye bye the Big Screen! Think you got rid of those danged kids? In poor countries ten and fifteen people of all generations live together in one small house to pool resources.

I hope I'm crazy, but I dont think I am. All these bad ideas have been kicking around for decades. When libs would stand up and propose most of the things that are on their way to become law in the next few months audio tapes would get played on Talk Radio so we could all have a good chuckle at how loonie these left wing nuts were. Well, he who laughs last. The joke is on us.

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