Sunday, January 18, 2009


Its Sunday and I have free-lance work to do so here I am at 8:00am watching Chris Wallace interview Nancy Pelosi. I should watch my DVD boxed set of old episodes of Capitan Kangaroo instead of upsetting myself watching Western Civilization collapse. Thank you, you granola-eating hippies in San Francisco, for sending us this gift to American democracy, this steely-eyed, plastic-faced harridan of a Pelosi.

The amazing thing is that people can listen to what she's saying and think that we're headed for anything but economic collapse. The twisted thinking is so completely and manifestly wrong that the disastrous consequences are easy to see. These are people who think that increasing the Earned Income Tax Credit payout is a tax cut. Pelosi states that the most expensive budget item in the Bush budget was the anemic tax cut which preceded a curious rise in revenues. But cause and effect are not going to cut much ice with people who ignore the lack of relationship between carbon dioxide levels and temperature and are poised to destroy any remaining industry that hasn't yet been completely crippled by their predatory worker's unions by enacting the same cap and trade carbon tax scheme that was such a failure in Europe. This in the middle of a decline in global temperatures; ignore the arctic temperatures, our oft-changed computer models are all you need to know.

Do you like driving your car? Well, this being a beautiful Sunday morning with temperatures in the 70's, you wont have to even put on your slippers to walk outside and gaze fondly at the Global Warming Gas Belching Menace that the Democrats are going to rip from your driveway, you climate criminal! Take the old flivver for a spin with the windows down, no phone calls, and just revel in the feeling of being able to go wherever you like, whenever you like unlike what it will be like on the smelly, unmaintained, crowded public bus which is what lies in your future once the National Resources Defense Council is done writing our pollution laws.

But thats OK. Its not like you'll have a job to go to. Hyper-inflation will allow you to afford your fixed-rate mortgage, even pay it off from the weekly Economic Stimulus payout that will be placed in your account at The Government Bank by the US Treasury's reliable computer, adjusting it for the 35% inflation that occurs every week, of course. If you're not feeling tip-top you can go line up for free Prozac and Zanex at the Government Hospital if you can stand the screaming of the untended 'patients' in the filthy, moldering wards and the blood-caked nightmare of the emergency room. For those that cant stomach that there will be dispensaries for medical marijuana produced by the Department Of Agriculture and included in your 'free medical care'. This is tricky. The Department Of Agriculture will have amazing success raising indoor cloned sensi buds but not so much success with less important crops like wheat and corn so the munchies that are caused by the medical use of marijuana might not have anything around to satisfy them. Meat and any form of transfat will be illegal of course. Cows cause global warming, you see.

So the barbarians have taken over the capital. They are dreaming dreams of instituting the Depression-curing policies of The Sacred Franklin. Except we wont be as gauche as they were in the 30's and insist that people in government make-work jobs actually work. Well, at least the sun is shining. If I didnt have to work on 'Superhero Squad' I'd be laying out on my hammock reading a book. Next week.


Frank Gerratana said...

The bus gets cleaned up and maintained when the upper class starts riding it. It worked in northwest DC!

skep41 said...

You live in a city where public transportation works. I dont. the descent into a totally planned economy will benefit no one. Under socialism buses are not maintained.The so-called upper class are about to be hobbled by mega-inflation.