Monday, January 12, 2009

The Empty Suit vs. The Cong

The lefties have dreamed of this day since their nightmares came true in 1980. A brief window of opportunity opened in 1992 when they controlled the Congress and the White House but Tom Foley and Robert Byrd couldn't get it together with the lying egomaniac in the Oval Office. THE AGENDA was not only not moved forward but the Gingrich counterrevolution of 1994 effectively put the socialization of America on hold...politically. Meanwhile the cultural corrosion continued and now, when a majority of the country either get their political news from 'The Daily Show' or SNL , there has been an election which has placed an angry, ruthless band of radicals in power during a time of great fear and anxiety. This clique who runs Congress are as without scruple as they are without any trace of ability to manage an economy and they are hungry for power with a burning, decades-long hunger. They will trample Obama and his refried Clintonians with a blizzard of bad legislation and underhanded political chicanery that will overwhelm the feckless empty suit that is Barak Obama. He'll be signing his little heart out on bills that will rip the guts out of the American economy. A sensible person perceiving the coming debacle can only work to abandon all attachment to material goods and learn to smile in adversity.

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