Monday, November 1, 2010

Waxman--Stop the Smears!

There's a new Tea Party-ish face in town. We all call him Charley! He's a fresh face with a winning smile and dazzling, hypnotic eyes! Waxman and the liberal media are trying to bring Charley down with personal attacks and ancient history but I can tell you its not going to work. From the gay bars on Santa Monica Boulevard, the Jewish old folks homes in the Fairfax District, through the mansions of Beverly Hills and Bel Air to the toney suburbs of Woodland Hills and Calabasas it seems Hank has worn out his welcome. Move over Waxman, Charley's in town!

OK, he partied in the sixties, we all did that, made some mistakes, but hey, 1969 was a long time ago! Not far enough away for Waxman's opposition research, apparently. Hey! He never was in the damned Tate house so stop the guilt by association! This election isnt about personalities, but issues!

When it comes down to it Charley is just a lot more rational than Hank. He cares about what you and I think and feel. I love his campaign slogan "I'm inside your head, man!" That's a guy who really cares. Hank's too busy investigating oil executives and baseball players to care about our petty concerns.

We want to send Charley to Capital Hill because we know he'll shake things up like never before. He's no RINO, heading for DC to make a deal with the libs. He wants to burn the place to the ground...I'm not kidding! That might be just what it needs. When Charley and his wonderful family get to town you can bet there will be many who sit up and take notice. He's not one to get lost in the Helter Skelter of political life. You can see he's pulling ahead in the polls. Even in this hard-core left-wing district the failure of Obamunism is so flagrant that these long-shot candidates are literally coming out of the woodwork. Yeah, I know Charley probably wouldnt have much appeal in your town, but this is Los Angeles. You should see the people we elect. Look at Hank! Charley might not be a Strict Constructionist in the usual sense but he's as good as its going to get in this district and, lets face it, he's got a way more realistic take on things than the professional politician Waxman.

So now we see that Charley is pulling away from the worn out ideas of Henry Waxman, a candidate so awful that just about anybody would be preferable. Just about.

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