Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Deficits Is Too Damned LOW!

I heard there was a Right Wing wave out there somewhere. The map on Fox glowed with what TV professionals call 'illegal red' ; a red so hot that it bleeds out of its borders on TV screens. It looked like somebody took a red paint bomb and threw it at the map. I guess I should congratulate all you Americans and share your happiness. But I'm not happy. I'm really upset.

Larry Sabato was on TV last night and very rightly noted that 'you never win them all'. He's right. There never was much hope for O'Donnell with both parties against her in an indigo-blue state that Jon Stewart described as a 'rest stop'. Westlemania didnt put the effete Connecticuttians in a headlock? Not surprised. The Reid machine goes into overdrive and crushes a housewife from Ely, Nevada? A bummer, but again the pros usually win against amateurs. Lousy Murk-COW-ski parlayed corrupt big donors and a vicious media into a win? Sad but I can deal with it.

Lots of good stuff happened, too! Barak Obama's home state turned red for the moment. What a humiliating defeat. The Ohioans seemed to have regained their sanity. Feingold got the boot. Even states like Michigan kicked the Dems in the pants. Old time Demo committee chairmen in the House were given their walking papers. We're all waiting for President Barry's press conference. Will he do a Clinton and triangulate a little? Not a chance. This election wiped all the pretend moderates off the Democrat landscape, leaving the Waxmans and Hoyers in charge. Nancy will probably retire to her latifundia in Napa and sip wine to the sound of whips smacking onto the backs of her illegal alien grape-pickers. Nan's replacement will be picked by our new Democratic Governor.

And that's why I'm sad. No, not because anyone appointed to replace her by our new gov will be even more obnoxiously loony than Nancy, look at the mutated pond he will have to select from, but because of who that new gov will be. The rest of the country realized they had been bamboozled by Hope And Change and moved to rectify that grievous error. Not us, not here. The same barrage of union-paid ads motivated the same crowd of simpletons to return just about every deranged left-wing radical to their rightful places in Sacramento and armed them with Prop 25, a measure that removed the 2/3 requirement to pass a state budget.

Jerry The Jerk. As if Arnold and this commie legislature wasnt bad enough. $40 billion in revenues, $60 billion in expenditures. If California was a business would you buy its stock? And that was the past. Arnold is a schmuck and a RINO, married to a Kennedy. He passed a Global Warming bill that makes the federal cap-and-tax bill look moderate. The voters were offered a chance to reject it yesterday but they rejected the rejection. As bad as The Governator has been his stupid excesses and crawling to the Dems are right-wing obstructionism compared to what's coming. As Arnold retires he should say only one thing, 'Apres moi, le deluge!'

Jerry The Jerk. The 2/3 requirement removed. A huge Dem majority in both houses of the legislature; all of them beholden to the greediest, most short-sighted public employee unions on the planet. Let me mention to you non-Californians who might not be up to speed on the nature of the Democrats who make up our legislature what a pack of criminally insane socialist radical idiots these guys are. Democrats in your state, the ones you think are extreme liberals, would be condemned as right-wing Tea Party extremists in this state. Money is no object, the laws of physics no barrier, common sense and logic are abandoned if the cause is sufficiently groovy. They're wrecking agriculture to save a handful of minnows; high-tech industries are fleeing Silicon Valley, even the film industry is being chased away by high taxes and ridiculous work rules.

Windmills and solar panels are heavily subsidized to produce 1% of the state's energy while coal and natural gas plants in other states produce the rest. AB32 will soon show the morons of this state that the Greenies mean to get them out of their cars and onto a nice, stinky, crowded bus but it wont matter because there wont be any jobs to commute to anyway. Who knows what new outrages Jerry The Jerk and Jerry's Kids in the legislature will come up with? They will enact every piece of the Obama agenda that the rest of the country rejected last night and more.

France? Italy? Greece? You think you've seen chaos? Hah! We're Americans! We can go crazier, make more insane demands, be more stupid and self-defeating, get more violent and still vote to re-elect the same pack of idiots to make the same gross errors. You think a 33% budget deficit is high? Well DEFICITS IS TOO DAMNED LOW!

So if you want to smoke some great bud or marry your same-sex life partner and then get him/her an abortion paid for by the taxpayer; if you want to see people who collect 110% of their pay in retirement paid for by taxpayers who have no pension other than Social Security; if you want to watch a crowd of naked aging hippies doing a nude bike ride and attacking any carbon-spewing motorist who dares honk at them; if you want to pay a couple of bucks more per gallon to stop Global Warming; if you want to see what it looks like for a civilization to come completely unglued then you should move here.

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