Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Even as I watch outrage after outrage I still will always give Barak Obama credit for the one thing that he did to improve this country...he saved us from Hillary Clinton. The book 'Game Change' outlines in stark detail the nastiness, incompetence and total leftism which characterize BJ and the lovely Dragon Lady. That book, written by liberals about liberals, didnt even mention the redoubtable Hilly's taking millions of dollars from non-English-speaking Chinese pushcart vendors and the Norman Shue incident. But what was pretty clear from the book was that the Democrats, usually tolerant of each other's quirks to the point of being accessories to felonies, had finally had enough of the thuggish bullying that was the Clinton Legacy. In 'Game Change' it described how Schumer, Reid, Pelosi, Fat Teddy and the whole sorry crewe slipped dagger after dagger into the backs of the Arkansas power couple. What joy they felt watching the arrogant and seemingly invincible Hilly concede and drop out of the race--after trying to shakedown Barry and Rahm for ten million bucks to cover the IOUs from her mismanaged campaign.

But they fixed her good, them Obamunists. They granted her the fiefdom of Secretary Of State, except she had to defer to 'special envoys' in every area of importance. She would go to pressers in foreign countries and most of the questions would be about BJ. She didnt get to go to the Copenhagen Climate Summit. She was sidelined in Iran, Afghanistan, North Korea and China. Poor Hilly, what was to become of her?

That was then, this is now. Now it seems she was locked out of a burning house. As Barry and the Demo Gang have stumbled from disaster to disaster Hilly has hovered on the sidelines, never really front and center as things went so terribly wrong but official enough to be visible along the edges. Visible enough to remind the Demos that they could have elected someone who had been in the White House other than on the tour.

Now that the Demos are facing the rage of the chumps they lied to for so long, now that the 'moderate' 'Blue Dog' Stupaks are seen for the dishonest radicals that they are, they are searching for some way to save the party, even at the cost of abandoning the hapless Obama. After all, it worked with 'Jimmy The Jerk', the peanut-brained leftist who tanked the economy and came within a hair of losing the Cold War in the 70's. You see, it wasnt the orgy of leftist spending and tax-raising that crippled the economy, it wasnt open Demo Congressional support for Cuban and Soviet expansion, it wasnt the rapidly expanding government that caused all the problems it was Carter. He just wasnt up to the job, you see. It wasnt that Congress (totally controlled by the Demos) had enacted their anti-military rage by slashing budgets and adding layers of restrictive regulation to the military, it was Carter's ineptitude that caused the Tehran mission to fail.

And here we are. Who'da thunk it? The Demos are staring extinction in the face. Voters have never been this angry. Obama stumbles from screw-up to unpopular screw-up without any idea of how bad he looks and how out of touch he is with what's going on. They cant admit that its their leftist philosophy and its inevitable results that is the problem...it must be that Barry hasnt been very good at enacting more of it. Look at the rage in the liberal press that not enough money is being spent by the government to stimulate the economy while at the same time they refuse to demand that Congress come up with a budget that shows how much is being spent on this supposedly inadequate response to the recession.

If they have to do to Obama in 2010 what they did to Hilly in 2008 the Dems will do it. Barry is on his way to being toast, not just with conservatives and independents, but with Democrats and leftists. But who will rise to save the weakened and frightened Party of Compassion? Who is strong enough to keep the lie alive? There she stands, on the sidelines, in her well-filled-out pink satin pantsuit, a sneering smile on her angry face. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

All the old betrayals are forgotten, the incompetent campaign a thing of the past, impeachment a distant memory, barrels of Chinese cash suddenly an asset. They turn to Hilly because they know one thing that the still-stupid electorate seemingly doesnt know; Hillary is just as far to the left as Obama. There is absolutely no difference in their views as there is no difference in the views of any Democrat. They are all swimming in the direction their Marxist professors pointed them in when they were little commie hatchlings in the Ivy League radical fish farm.

There's more bad news. Hillary is every bit as incompetent as Obama, maybe more. She's more egotistical, more arrogant, she believes the same idiocies, she tells the same lies. The stupid electorate hasnt become Demo-phobic, they just feel like chumps because they voted for 'Hope And Change'. Yeah, the Dems will take it on the chin this November but they have high hopes that the Republiclowns will revert to type and be sandbagged in 2012 by a rejuvenated Demo media juggernaut. The independents who elected Obama will be ready to anoint Hilly. They might be right but the damage has already been done. The meltdown of the welfare state is ongoing and unstoppable. Our own little Eva Peron will be as bad as Barry in every way except that she is more lawless and more ruthless and works harder to aggrandize herself.

If the Republiclowns run a Romney, a Huckabee, a Pawlenty or some other accommodationist RINO midget in 2012 we will find ourselves in Clinton III. Prosperity and Democracy will be things of the past. Some people are buying gold to hedge against this but that's a fool's hope, socialist tyrants always confiscate gold. I'm buying a wheelbarrow so that when I cash my Social Security check I can wheel my fifty pounds of hundred dollar bills down to the government store and buy a bottle of Victory Gin. Comrade Hilly Is Always Right!

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