Thursday, June 4, 2009

National Humiliation

In 1945 an ailing president, who never should have been elected to a fourth term, negotiated a treaty at Yalta that betrayed our British allies and turned over to a dictator who was as brutal as Hitler half of a continent. Stalin, who had proven himself a craven coward in his negotiations and alliance with Hitler had no fear of the capitalist democracies. FDR was more concerned about British colonialism than he was about the ten percent of Eastern Europe who would be shipped east into the gaping maw of the Gulag. In fact, FDR and most Democrats at the time saw Stalin as a benign progressive ally. They had the same lack of belief that the Gulag existed as they had about Hitler's death camps. FDR never did one single thing or uttered one word of protest about either. FDR had ignored Stalin's mass murder in the countryside during the collectivization drive of the early thirties, the mass arrests in the cities in the late thirties and the alliance with Hitler.
The Yalta Treaty was a day of national humiliation for a nation that had the only viable economy in the world and was near to testing nuclear weapons. It cost us a half-century of Cold War.

Sixteen years later our country had elected an amphetamine-popping magazine-ad pretty boy
with no experience doing anything substantial because of an impressive PR campaign orchestrated by his gangster father. The first response from Nikita Khrushchev to the election of this hapless effete Harvard weakling was to build a wall between East and West Berlin, an action he wouldnt dare take during Eisenhower's tenure. JFKs response was to fly to Berlin and announce that he was a doughnut. That cringing weakness encouraged the thug Khrushchev, who had been one of the clique of gangsters who had murdered their boss when it looked like he was going to conduct a purge against them, to become more aggressive and build bases for nuclear-tipped missiles ninety miles away from us in Cuba. The Air Force wanted to bomb the sites before they were operational. That was too much for a weakling like JFK. He ordered the Navy to board the missile-carrying ships and turn them around. In the subsequent negotiations he traded the removal of US missiles from Turkey for the Soviet removal of the one's in Cuba. We've been hearing about this humiliating show of weakness for the last half-century, presented as the sole triumph of our fallen Martyr.

But the fallen Martyr was replaced by LBJ, a protege of FDR who dreamed of a new New Deal, The Great Society! The mess the Kennedy brothers had created in Vietnam by conniving in the assassination of the strongman Diem slowly exerted a gravitational pull. Johnson dithered. The NVA and VC didnt respect the borders of Laos and Cambodia but LBJ did. He always shrank from strong measures, thinking he could bribe Ho Chi Minh into a negotiated settlement. When the VC emerged from their ratholes to be slaughtered in the Tet Offensive Johnson ignored his military, who wanted to follow up their victory and end the war, and instead listened to the wimpish sniveling of Walter Cronkite and the rest of the peacenik media and ordered the army to go on the defensive while he dropped out of the presidential race, called a bombing halt and pleaded for negotiations. That speech that he gave that day in March was another national humiliation, unnecessary and unearned, throwing away victory in a storm of self-pity and cowardice fomented by another Democrat.

How can I catalog the humiliations of the Carter Years? There are so many! The Canal given away? The soulful kiss to Brezhnev in Vienna as they signed a Salt II treaty that guaranteed Soviet superiority in Europe? His refusal to stop the Cubans in their invasion of Katanga? His endorsement of the Soviet-run bloodbath in the Horn Of Africa? His cringingly weak response to their seizure of Afghanistan? No, when I think of Jimmy The Jerk I see him cringing, trembling in the White House, cowed by a tenth-rate Middle Eastern country who had violated international law by taking everyone in our embassy there hostage. He could have announced a B-52 strike to level the holy city of Qom in seventy-two hours unless the hostages were released. The mullahs had just purged the Air Force of all their Palevi-oriented pilots (all of them) and had NO defenses of any sort. Instead of demanding the hostages at the point of a gun Jimmy The Jerk decided, after months of hand-wringing, to steal the hostages back from the mullahs. I remember the humiliation that I felt as the sad story of our failed 'rescue mission' was related on the news. It was a humiliation our entire country felt.

You could say that Ford sitting idle while the NVA violated the Paris Peace Accords was such a moment but his hands were tied by a Democrat-dominated Congress determined to hand the South Vietnamese over to slavery and death. Reagan not responding to the attack in Beirut and Bush 41's refusal to destroy the Republican Gaurds, both at the behest of Colin Powell, were equally humiliating but both of those presidents had shown the will and the nerve to stand up for our country's interests in most other areas and Reagan rebuilt the military after the years of Congressional rule under the weaklings Ford and Carter.

With BJ Clinton it was back to the national humiliations we have come to expect of Democrats. These arent misjudgments taken in response to bad advice like those of Reagan and Bush, these are conscious decisions taken because their knowledge of the nature of reality is flawed. The Clintonoids included a top economic adviser who did her doctoral dissertation lauding the economic system of Ceausescu's Romania. Clinton bugged out of Somalia after eighteen Rangers were killed as a result of his trying to conduct that operation on the cheap and in tandem with the incompetent UN. He refused to take custody of Bin Laden when the Sudanese offered to deliver him to US custody. His 'response' to the embassy bombings in East Africa was so ineptly done and was so obviously driven by his need to divert attention from his committing perjury on national television that it enters the list of national humiliations along with BJ and The Little Woman openly taking bribes from the Chicoms. The Great BJ humiliation moment is when he stood in Tienanmen Square, scene of a bloody massacre by the People's Liberation Army of people demanding basic political rights, with his hand over his heart as that same People's Liberation Army marched past.

But then there was Bush. He was forced by events to stand up for his country. His reward from the Democrats was rage. He was compared to Hitler. He was said to have lied to invade a completely innocent nation that was no threat to us or our interests. The Islamonazi opponents of our country were invited to left-wing universities and lauded, even ones who openly admitted oppressing women and executing homosexuals. Even if you take the clownish attempts by Condi to roadmap the blood feud between the Arabs and the Israelis Bush actually had a fairly strong foriegn policy. He refused to participate in the idiocy of Global Warming, an attempt to hobble the industrialized countries and transfer wealth to the developing world.

But today our national humiliation is back on track. Our President has made a speech in Cairo that should make everyone stupid enough to have voted for a back-bench do-nothing first term Senator, a radical who spouts the most errant nonsense as though it is revealed truth, to hang their heads in shame. To watch his facile butt-kissing to 'The Muslim World', assalaam alykum, was to burn with shame. Barry mentioned that he was a Christian, a Reverend Jeremiah Wright Christian of course, but then waxed poetic about Islam in a way that should make anyone with any knowledge of history raise an eyebrow. His family comes from a long line of Muslims in East Africa, did they? And who were the Muslims in East Africa? They were slave traders thats who they were. Barry is proud that he comes from a long line of slave traders! It got worse. If you have any friends in Israel phone them up now and tell them how much you care about them...they might not be around much longer. He called for total Hamas control of the West Bank and Gaza; for the Israelis to accept the right of Hamas to shoot missiles across its border without response: for the right of Iran to nuclear power (so it seems our enemies can drill for oil and build nuke plants and we're stuck with a bunch of lousy windmills).

If you voted for this pumpkin-headed 'student of history', every one of whose examples of Islamic achievements were so wrong-headed as to be laughable, then you're as ignorant as he is. This radical clap-trap in the interest of sucking up to what the geniuses in Hillary's state department mistake for some monolithic ethnic interest group,'The Moslem World', but what is in fact a continental-sized, extremely diverse mass of ethnicities, shows how ignorant and misguided the Obamunists are. What is the goal of this nonsense? How does it advance our interests? Do they really think the entire world is going to turn into a larger version of the European Parliament? Isnt that a fundamental misunderstanding of human nature and history?

If his knowledge of history doesnt include any knowledge of the contribution of the Greeks to algebra, the Chinese and Gutenberg's development of printing, and all the rest of the things he got wrong in that passage about 'Muslim contributions' then you have to wonder about the quality of the rest of his thinking. This part of the speech sounded like a manifesto issued by some sophomore in Political Science at Harvard, trying to get a 'B' in his Modern Ethnic Studies class taught by a William Ayres-type dessicated sixties radical by making up phony 'achievements' for a favored ethnic group. Because of the education they received these geniuses have the most screwed-up perspective on the world that its possible to have. They're as ignorant as the Clintonista who praised the Romanian economy in her dissertation and as ignorant as the academics who awarded her a PhD for her efforts. Everything they know is wrong. And you elected them because Barry wasnt that ugly old Bush or that snarling old McLame. He promised something new but he's turned out to be a standard left-wing radical. Hugo Chavez is making jokes that him and Fidel are to the right of Comrade Obama. But its not a joke. Barry is what would have happened if Henry Wallace had been kept as Vice President in 1944. He is what would have happened if Adlai had beat Ike.

One more outrage. Women's Rights. Barry's take on this was that Pakistan, Bangla Desh, and Indonesia all had had women presidents but the US needs to struggle with women's equality! Of course, if it wasnt for him we would be cursed with a woman president, and I still thank him for that; but what did our Secretary Of State think of that passage? But the implication is that we have a lot to learn about Women's Rights from our new Muslim friends.
He made these remarks in a city where young girls routinely have their clitoris removed without anesthetic by the exacto-knife wielding local witch woman so that they wont be able to feel sexual pleasure and disgrace their families in the eyes of God. 'Honor' killings and the killings of young wives for their dowries happen all the time in Cairo. If a wife disagrees with her husband he is within his legal rights to beat her as severly as he feels she needs. He can divorce her in an instant any time he likes and keep 100% of the marital assets and the children, who are his property, if he wants them. Woman are not welcome in many public places without a male relative accompanying them. Is Obama calling this the direction we have to 'struggle' toward?

This speech was a disgrace. Its a disgrace to the people who voted this politically-correct ignoramus and his Ivy League crew of muddle-headed Stalinists into power. The people who cringed at every timid reference by Bush to Christianity are gushing with joy at 'assalaam alykum'-- a wish of Peace given only to fellow Muslims! So today we have another chapter in the national humiliation delivered to our once-proud nation by a series of liberals. They've gotten progressively worse until we have arrived at the bottom with Barry. He praises savagely brutal systems and denigrates freedom in our own country. He has put us under the thumb of the Chicoms by his reckless spending and under the thumb of OPEC by his refusal to consider a rational energy policy and now he's crawling to our enemies in the pathetic hope that they'll 'like us'. I fear for my country.


Karl said...

That's a pretty long list of national humiliations but I fear you left a few important ones out.

Richard Nixon signing on to "wage and price controls" and proving that you don't have to be a Democrat to be a complete an utter economic illiterate.

George W Bush failing to veto the McCain-Feingold anti-FreeSpeech law of 2002, saying that he'll leave it to the Supreme Court to right the wrong (which they didn't).

And John McCain. What can we say about John McCain? Was there ever a candidate who worked so hard for his opponent? The list of his campaign bungling could go on and on but number one, and the one thing I'll mention, is his idiotic "suspension" of his campaign to rush to Washington to make sure Republicans did the right thing during the economic turmoil of October and then meekly signing on to Stupid George's Stupid Bailout Bill.

That has to be the defining moment of dumbass Republican ineptitude, and a big reason why Democrats (though they've supported every tyrant from Stalin to Ahmadinejad) are so able to win elections in America.

Humiliation? Republican is often thy name.

skep41 said...

There is a class of people who have graduated the 'top' universities, who have never worked for a living or done anything except be part of the intellectual 'elite'. Whether they call themselves Republicans or Democrats they are a provincial and ignorant group of people. If you scroll back in time you will see many of my posts on Bush and McLame. The entire governmental system in this country is broken, the economy will follow.