Friday, April 15, 2011

Moe Marr--My HERO!

Every so often I like to take a 'controversial' position. My Stalinist wife and daughter think that I have political Turrets Syndrome and try to keep me locked in the garage when we have company. I'll admit it, I'm a bit right of center but given the current state of affairs what sensible person could be otherwise? In fact, I've become convinced that a reelection of The Worst President In American History and a sufficient quantity of his extremist Commiecrat buddies will be the end of this country as a free and prosperous nation. They've done so much damage in just the last two and a half years and are making proposals that show that they are committed to even worse policies that we need to embrace anything or anyone, regardless of who they are, who will serve to further discredit The Worst President In American History and his clique of clueless radicals and contribute to their defeat next year.

In my last post, written six weeks ago (yes, I'm lazy) I opined about the wisdom of calling for Gaddafi's ouster and then not backing the rebels, leaving an angry maniac in power with revenge on his mind. Because I assume that people who have clawed their way into power have some kind of expertise in strategy and diplomacy calling for Gaddafi's ouster and then leaving the rebels on the ground to be slaughtered was as bad a policy as I could imagine. But of course The Worst President In American History and his pathetically incompetent Sec Of State have so far exceeded my estimation of how bad these Ivy League half-wits can screw things up that I'm worried that my raging tirade against them a few weeks ago might be mistaken by some for implicit support.

Who would have imagined that they would intervene and figure out a way to lose? In my wildest dreams I couldnt have imagined such a shameful display of cowardice and bungling as the clownish antics of our pathetic Sec Of State, the Arab League, the UN, and NATO as their feeble and confused intervention advertises the flagrant weakness of the 'developed nations' to the hungry dictators of the world. The elitist dopes running the US and NATO were reading 'Rules For Radicals' when they should have been reading Sun Tzu, Zinn instead of Gibbon. Thanks to the takeover of the 'elite' universities by the politically correct America-hating radical Stalinists critical thought and even common sense have been completely abandoned by our Yale and Harvard graduated leaders. The bungling series of missteps in the Middle East could only have been committed by people who have NO knowledge of history.

'Kinda' bombing somebody is worse than not bombing them at all. Especially if that 'somebody' blew up an airplane full of your citizens the last time you bombed him. Gaddafi has some other issues; getting kicked off a UN Human Rights Council that includes such sterling examples as China, Russia and Cuba points to a troubled human rights record; he's a transvestite who has a forty-member buxom virgin (yeah sure they are) security squad; his delightful son and heir promised 'rivers of blood' will flow, and its a promise that's likely to be kept; there are a whole host of reasons to not like this guy.

And one big reason to like him; he is revealing the absurd fiction of NATO, an organization unable to mount a coordinated and effective military effort even on such a microscopic scale; he is underlining and capitalizing the complete cluelessness and lack of competence of The Worst President In American History and his pathetic Sec Of State. If our country is to be saved sacrifices must be made. For that reason I am hoping for the day when Gaddafi's forces brush aside the abandoned and betrayed rebels and take control of Benghazi. They were walking dead men anyway; they listened to Hillary Clinton and now they're going to die. It will take a year to wind down the Peace Symposiums at the UN and an olive branch could be held out to Gaddafi in thye form of returning his treasured seat at the UN Human Rights Council.

Gaddafi will recover politically and socially but The Worst President In American History will not. The coming elections in Egypt and its emergence as an Islamic Republic allied with Iran, the fall of the rebels in Libya, the bloody triumph of the Syrians over their own hapless citizens and the slide of Iraq into the arms of Iran will point out what a complete and total FAILURE The Worst President In American History's foreign policy, and especially his foreign policy in the Middle East, has been. With Moe-marr cruising the streets of Tripoli in what appears to be a wardrobe he purchased at the Michael Jackson Estate Sale waving and blowing kisses can anyone be befuddled enough to still think that The Worst President In American History is anything but that? Thanks Moe-marr and keep on smiling...President Trump will settle the bill later.


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