Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Al Jazeera? Now THAT'S News!

Hillary Clinton is right. Al Jazeera does have 'real news'. It isnt like the fake news we are getting from our news media. What is it about that dandy Al Jazeera journalism that Madame Secretary is so taken with? The anti-semetic, anti-Israel rants? Possibly, but somehow I dont think that's what she's talking about. I think Hillary was just doing the lefty-elitist-Yale-radical-arrogant-egotistical-politically-correct suck-up to Muslims. Its Muslim so it must be good.

But like a blind Justice Dept. official finding an ACORN ballot, like a stopped watch syncing with the correct time for a minute, Dame Clinton has stumbled into the truth. As far as the Libyan story goes the US media, from Fox to MSNBC, is total and complete hogwash and Al Jazeera is telling the truth.

The Western media is broadcasting the hand-wringing leaders of NATO as they talk endlessly about 'no-fly zones' and 'military options' as though these pack of spineless multiculturalists were gearing up for a bit of Blitzkrieg. Its all hot air given a tenuous reality by the solemness of the pronouncements. However, its clear that they will watch the Libyan people be massacred under their noses and are not going to do anything or lift one single finger. Now we have a situation where US interests have been put on the line by a bigmouth president who likes to flap his gums and then do absolutely nothing. The 'Give Peace A Chance' crowd was able to bamboozle Ben Ali out of Tunisia and Mubarak out of Egypt after an alarming series of flubs and missteps. They thought they could do the same with Gadaffy-duck. So they made the same braying noises telling him to step down and come on over to the Hague for a nice twenty-year-long war crimes trial (ala Milosevic) and expected him to come crawling.

But Gadaffy-duck was not educated at Harvard or Cambridge. He didnt do the seminar on advanced diplomacy at the Sorbonne. When he first took power he surrounded himself with Soviet bodygaurds and acted as a Mediterranean Fidel, invading his neighbors and fomenting revolts and terrorism at every opportunity, aided and abetted by his KGB handlers. Then after Reagan bombed him he retreated into insanity and cowardice and kept his nose clean. He was afraid of Reagan, sent troops to Desert Storm and was afraid of W. Libya was forgotten and gained enough respectability to be given a seat on the UN Human Rights Commission by a doting diplomatic community. Of course the Western media never wrapped their minds around the concept that a groovy, flamboyantly-dressed, Third World leader who talked of 'Jamahira', sharing, brotherhood, peace, might be an evil, vile, hate-filled dictator whose people hated his guts.

Libya looked so permanent. Egypt can fall. Tunisia? Sure. A whole long list of Arab states are on the death-watch list from Oman to Saudi Arabia. But not Libya. But Gadaffy-duck wasnt counting on Al Jazeera. Al Jazeera showed what flimsy houses of cards these authoritarian Arab regimes were. The second the old regimes tried to get really tough the 'World Community' stepped in. No, no, no! Dont be brutal. With their hands securely tied the more moderate regimes collapsed. The crowd was willing to go all the way and the police forces were ordered to hold back. What kind of a fool is going to put his life on the line following orders like that? You either kick ass or you leave. The cops took a powder, as anyone given an order inspired by Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama is obliged to do if they want to survive.

But in Libya they got the Al Jazeera message. The people rose against the hated regime. They killed the informers and party hacks and it looked as though the regime was on its last legs. An obviously stoned Gadaffy-duck would do some bhong-hits and go out in front of the cameras and rail against Al Qaida, drugged-out foreigners and George W Bush. His ultra-creepy son Sayif, who had his mega-million dollar pad in London ripped off in a storm of fake outrage by politicians who will likely turn it into a secret party pad, went on TV and threatened to kill everybody. Well, that's a sign of the end, isnt it?

But now viewers of Al Jazeera are seeing something completely different. They are seeing that Sayif was not talking out of his hat, he is coming to kill everybody who had the urge to commit suicide by protesting his family's rule. The Libyan dictator, after a few weeks of chaos, has gotten his act together even as the foolish Obama calls daily for his resignation. Brutal counterattacks have begun to get rolling. Tanks, aircraft and foreign mercenaries given carte blanche to kill anyone they feel like killing. Arms and mercenaries are arriving from Syria and Iran without the Western media making a squeak of protest. The volume of the hand-wringing hasnt changed in content or tone.

The truth that Al Jazeera is reporting for everyone to see is that if you have the ruthless will to slaughter your own people, and troops who will follow any order, no matter how savage, you can overcome this 'democracy movement'. Furthermore, no one will do a single thing to stop you. The traitorous lefties have so neutered the politicians in the 'civilized' countries, the brains of these 'leaders' have been so softened by their 'elite' educations, that they are completely incapable of taking any kind of action, even when their vital national interests are at stake. Now the world is going to sit back and watch the very public video-slaughter of hundreds of thousands of people, hundreds of thousands more will soon be fleeing on camera to squalid refugee camps just across the border and an entire nation will soon be living in stark terror, their lives dependent on the will of their angry masters. Within a year the oil companies will be back. So will the parasitic ex-pats. Have they even kicked Libya off the UN Human Rights Committee?

And what lesson will Gadaffy-duck have learned? Only that Iran and Syria will act when its necessary and Barak Obama and NATO will not. This vicious, brutal murderer has now been given a graphic lesson that as far as Europe and the US is concerned he can do anything he wants without any consequence. That floppy-eared, incompetent bozo in the White House will listen to Farrakhan, a good bud of Gadaffy-duck, before he'll listen to his country's interests and is too feeble to take any action in any event. Obama doesnt even recognize that his country has interests that need to be protected. As for the pathetic Hillary, a person who in the middle of this carnage is writing ponderous articles about how these Middle Eastern mobs need to consider women's rights, nothing more need be said. She is a hopelessly befuddled academic mediocrity. These 'Green' lefties have given Gadaffy-duck the 'Green' light to do whatever he wants to do. Sending hit squads to murder exiled opponents of his regime in European cities in public and broad daylight? Sending terrorists into crowds to kill hundreds of people? Why not? Who's going to do anything about it? The Dutch? The Norwegians? Hillary Clinton?

This is like the end of the Roman Empire under the Emperor Honorius. An aging and soft population living in an oppressive welfare state run by a hopeless incompetent whose obsession is with court politics renounces childbearing and militarism and is set upon by its savage, brutal, young neighbors. Al Jazeera has broadcast the gutless cowardice of the US and NATO to the world for every eye to see. It only remains for the empty-shell regimes of Europe to crumble under the onslaught from without. Its a story as old as human history.


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