Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Maverick By Another Name

Today on Townhall Debra Saunders wrote an exculpatory article about John McCain an his supposedly admirable 'maverick' status. She even mentioned his 'courageous' stands on global warming and immigration. Now, supporting legislation to turn the economy over to the Central Planning Socialists might be 'courageous' if you are convinced that global warming is caused by human activity (the CP Socialists are experts at decreasing economic activity), but if you think that global warming is a normal phase in the earth's climate cycle due to solar activity then this 'courageous' stand becomes a 'stupid' stand, engendered by a lot of New York Slimes and Washington Compost articles best left unread.
Anyway, here is my comment on Ms. Saunder's article:

Maverick aka LIBERAL. I guess you could admire Harry Reid for having the courage of his convictions if you ignore what those convictions actually are. Does that make him a maverick too? McLame has fought courageously for ACLU lawyers for terrorists, keeping conservative judges off the bench, against free speech and tax cuts,against drilling for oil in ANWAR and offshore --in fact he did more than anyone else, including his fellow maverick Harry Reid, to make the Republican majority in the Senate absolutely meaningless. Now this maverick wants Republicans to vote for him? He should get the mailing lists of his fellow mavericks Kennedy (McCain-Kennedy immigration) and Feingold (McCain- Feingold partial repeal of the First Amendment) and campaign for votes from people who agree with him.

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