Thursday, October 25, 2007

Alhamadu Lillah! On The Left

In the name of Allah The Wise And MultiCultural, Father Of Doctorate Programs, in Whose Name Be Praise!
For calling Muslims violent, Ann Coulter, may your eyeballs be plucked from their sockets and stomped on by saintly graduate students, may Zionist scum David Horowitz be drenched with gasoline and set alight, may Cyrus Nowrasteh and all copies of the vile film 'Path To 9/11' (a day the faithful and our friends in academia celebrate) be splashed with sulphuric acid, may the toes and fingers be pulled one by one from the screaming body of hate-filled propagandist Michael Medved before his evil Jewish head is removed. Hear me Oh God! Assist the Democrats and Leftists in their righteous campaign to require women to adopt the burka and accept their husbands lashes as sent by God by speeding the final victory of the righteous. The vile Christian Bible and the heathen 'Constitution' shall be consigned to the flames so that the chains of evil shall be removed from the wrists of the faithful and the Democrats.And these shall be replaced by the Holy Quran and the works of Noam Chomski as our beloved Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Osama Bin Laden has directed. All this we beg you, oh Lord, that the New American Caliphate With Free Health Care For the Children can begin in the name of Allah The Merciful in whose name be Praise!

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